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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. I think you’re onto something!
  2. 01.04.30 mins

    Yuuuu huuuu Australia! Please announce Aus/NZ dates Tori!!!
  3. Scarlet is my favorite album, so I would be PUMPED to finally get it on vinyl. I would also love to get the version of Pancake with the cut lyrics but, that's not high on the priority list.

    I'm seeing Tori here in Portland tonight, and I've had Ocean to Ocean on loop all day to get in the mood. And let me tell you, 'Swim to New York State' is that girl. I know she won't play it, but I would love to hear it live.
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  5. Tori covered a bit of Sarah McLachlan’s Building a Mystery tonight during A Sorta Fairytale!

  6. I
    Snap! Much appreciated
  7. Great she went fro God/RUTH to Bliss/RUTH! It's on YT:
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  9. By my count, she's performed nine Scarlet songs on this tour, and three "bonus" songs from that era. She's having a real romance with Tombigbee lately.

    I'm gonna be so salty if she whips out Gold Dust on one of the upcoming shows.
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  10. First night of LA

    Bouncing Off Clouds
    Little Earthquakes
    Addition of Light Divided
    Bliss / Running Up That Hill
    Ocean to Ocean
    Martha’s Foolish Ginger
    Losing My Religion /Ruby Through the Looking Glass
    Ribbons Undone
    Mother Revolution
    Riot Poof
    Devil’s Bane
    Cornflake Girl
    Precious Things
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  12. There's tonight still to come. But yesterday's concert was the best Tori show I've been to. She was on fire and the setlist was perfect.

    I am still processing Me and a Gun. I think we were all in shock as she left the piano and took the mic out. But following it up with Never Seen Blue was such an emotional and intense choice, too. I'm in awe.
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  13. Now that the North American tour is over, I had hoped a Kiwi or Aussie promoter would announce local dates.
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  14. My god, running up that hill, me and a gun, all the scarlets walk love, and BUILDING A MYSTERY!!!!!! I absolutely cannot. Crying. Even though I didn’t have the best experience, she really is a force live and if anything I’ve learned my lesson: invest to be with those that understand!!
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