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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. she spent longer on “Lady Jane”
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  2. Ffff her Quarantina wig in that live video is incredible.
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  3. Tales was my first Tori album too, I bought it as a teen after hearing her name recommended to me based on other female artists I liked. I think it does a lovely job of including some essential singles, some album tracks, b-sides and new bits. I loved the album art at the time and the little librarian concept is cute! I’m a sucker for “Curated” compilations as it offers insight into the artists own thoughts on their process (Joni is queen of this).

    The mixes are better in places than others (Spark was kinda nothingy to me in context of Tales but my wig was shaken when I actually bought Choirgirl).
  4. Tori songs in hibernation tend to not be released, or end up as something else entirely. There was that random piano melody she'd play in 2001 at soundcheck, which was heard again with some lyrics in 2005 and ended up becoming 'Star Whisperer' on Night Of Hunters in 2011.
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  5. I ordered an autographed copy of Resistance but I haven’t received it yet. Has anyone read it and what are their thoughts on it? I didn’t like the writing style of Piece by Piece, but I heard this one is a lot better. It is written solely by Tori whereas Piece by Piece was written with Ann Powers!
  6. And some of them don’t ever see the light of day - Berlin Wall, Abbey Road & Learn To Fly
  7. I learned some fun Soundscan facts yesterday. In their first two weeks, Tori’s first three albums sold the following in the US:

    Little Earthquakes: 2,200
    Under the Pink: 113,000
    Boys For Pele: 170,000
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  8. She's mentioned still working on 'Abbey Road' as recent as 2014, so that may still be coming! ha
  9. has she really?? When did she say that?
    I know she’s only played it live twice.
  10. I asked this question in the Madonna General Discussion thread, and now I'll ask it here:

    Name a Tori song that seems to be beloved by the fans... that you don't care for.
  11. Jackie’s Strength. I don’t dislike it, but don’t love it either.

    I also loathe Welcome To England.
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  12. The Waitress. The album version is basic and the live version feels like a chore to get through.
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  13. That one would be my choice, thank you for getting there first.

    I'm listening to Under The Pink right now, and when The Waitress came on I was like "ugh, oh - right..."
  14. Liquid Diamonds. It’s fine (there are no bad songs on Choirgirl) but it’s my least listened-to track on its parent album.
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  15. Whoooooooa.

    For a long time, mine was "Space Dog." I skipped it on the To Venus and Back live disc almost every time. One day I was listening to it (probably stoned) and it hit me. "Past The Mission" is another one I kinda nod along to, especially studio. The live versions are usually better.
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  16. I LOVE “Waitress” on Venus disc 2. LOVE IT!!
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  17. Like I said, I don’t think it’s bad by any means, it just didn’t stick with me like the rest of the album - I also used to feel that way about Silent All These Years until it finally hit me, so maybe that‘ll change too. Honestly as far as the first seven albums go, there aren’t any Bad Songs to me, just songs I go back to less than others.
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  18. I actually really love Space Dog, I like its buildup towards the end those piano chords really take you on some magical place.

    I'd say I don't care that much about The Wrong Band and Past The Mission, they are... cute, but for me they are the weaker moment of Under The Pink.
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  19. Oh look what showed up:

  20. I'm listening to the audiobook right now, and the way she recites lyrics at the beginning of every chapter is intense.
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