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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. I've been listening too, and I have to say I absolutely love her reading voice. She's so clear and soothing. Problem is it actually sends me to sleep, so I think I'll give up and wait for the hard copy.

    The lyric recitals are kinda funny. Sometimes it's like she's reading them through gritted teeth, and when she started the book with a very intense reading of Gold Dust (you can hear her choking back tears as she gets to the end) and then went straight into something about muses and faeries or something, I almost gave up. But no, it's shaping up to be something special, I think...
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  2. This is a toughie because I don't think there's a Tori version of Like a Prayer, Vogue, or Frozen. People like so many different songs without anything having that clear a consensus, as far as I know.

    But yeah, The Waitress came to my mind first, too. The often-dismissed The Wrong Band is far superior in my opinion! Oh, and I still find Professional Widow (the original) very grating and Father Lucifer a bit overrated.

    On the flip side, what are the Tori songs that you love but never seem to be acknowledged? For me, it's Goodbye Pisces and Putting the Damage On. I've seen Damage mentioned here and there, but it's a Hey Jupiter-level classic as far as I'm concerned.
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  3. Likely something (relatively) latter-day like Martha’s Foolish Ginger or Dixie or... Beulah Land is a great b-side from her initial stretch that I never see brought up. Your Cloud. I think that song is top-to-bottom gorgeous.
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  4. 'Purple People'

    I adore the version on the 'Spark' single, but the soundcheck version (widely accepted as the main version) just drags for me.
  5. The original is one of my all time favorite Tori songs, but I can’t stand the soundcheck version on Venus. It just sounds wrong to my ears.
    UGH I love Beulah Land! Even though you can tell she had a cold when it was recorded she still kills it.
  6. I love Marianne - does that ever get any attention?
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  7. Tori just discussed Marianne in the recent New Yorker profile—apparently created and recorded simultaneously, because the muses were working overtime that day.
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  8. Does anyone own the Night of Hunters vinyl? I thought it was easily available as I never got around to it and it seems it’s even rarer that Choirgirl.
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  10. I’ve only ordered twice from a Russian seller and I’ve never had anything.
  11. Yikes. Third time lucky?
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  12. I'm with you on that one. Past the Mission just doesn't do anything for me. And Liquid Diamonds is top 3 Tori for me ddddd
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  13. Past the Mission, it's like two completely different songs stitched together. I love the chorus, but the verses are just hokey and don't fit. And love, love Marianne. The run of Mr. Zebra - Marianne - Caught a Lite Sneeze - Muhammad My Friend - Hey Jupiter is the heart of Pele for me.
  14. I totally agree. This is my favorite run and captures the range of emotions and sounds on the album.
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  15. Past The Mission has one of her best choruses ever.
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  16. Past The Mission is a bit meh considering the feature and its single status but that bridge is easily one of her bests.
  17. Absolutely with you on the Putting The Damage On front... incredible. Favourite song from Pele. That and Twinkle... what an amazing way to close an amazing album. I think that song is top five Tori for me?

    Underrated songs? Well I don't really have much awareness of what other fans think tbh… In terms of slightly more obscure songs... Frog On My Toe is not just one of my favourite Tori songs, but one of my favourite all time songs, by anyone. I love it so, so much and it still makes me emotional nearly 20 years after I first heard it. Home On The Range too... Tori's version is , again, incredibly emotional to this day, after hundreds of listens. Basically any of her slower ballads from the 90s where it's her at a piano- I love. Beulah Land, Never Seen Blue. Baker Baker, Northern Lad, Space Dog- they're all some of my absolute favourite Tori songs. I do also have a real soft spot for, slightly randomly, Secret Spell and Almost Rosey from American Doll Posse.

    Overrated songs? Cornflake Girl and Professional Widow (although I love the live Merry Widow Version).
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  18. Speaking of "Beulah Land" - absolutely one of her best b-sides. If it was included on Pele, it'd be one of my favorite tracks. There is something so gorgeous about the melody.

    Also gonna use this as a chance to plug one of my favorite live performances of it. The 2001 Strange Little Tour contains some of her best. I'm always amazed at how strong her voice was during this era.

  19. Maybe it's because time and age have mellowed her a bit and she doesn't feel that same kind of... that raw nerve isn't being touched as often. But time was, there was a sense that she was almost startling herself when she really unleashed. Check her out starting around 9:00:

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  20. Noooo. Easily one of my favourite Tori songs. I love the changes from verse to chorus. I love songs that surprise like that. The melodies are utterly gorgeous.
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