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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean + World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. You know what doesn't get discussed enough? Tori's completely random cameo in Mona Lisa Smile.

    Her version of "Murder" He Says is actually fantastic.

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  2. I had no idea who Tori Amos was when I saw that movie, but she still stuck with me, this random lady singing at the party.

    Incidentally, my favorite Tori "look" occurred around 02-03. The bone structure was serving for the gods.
  3. Same here, I'm surprised to see any dislike towards it! That final chorus when her vocals sweep in just with the piano gives me goosebumps.

    I'm not sure if it's underrated or not, but one of my absolute favourite Tori tracks is Alamo-I don't see it get mentioned too often. It deserved to be on BfP imo.
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  4. I think she looked radiant at TVAB - SLG eras and then there are the Scarlet's Walk postcards which i still love looking at. Scarlet's Walk as an era / full package is so satisfying to look at retrospectively. I think she tried to capture the same cohesiveness in following years but only got it right fully with Native Invader.

    On the topic of her most underrated songs... oh yeah i have a lot of those. I think Merman is one of her most devestating songs and i always had the opinion of Sister Janet being that Under the Pink era b-side instead of Honey. Here, In My Head and Flying Dutchman also deserve some praise.

    In the "Fori" eras i always found most of the ADP deep cuts overlooked. Smokey Joe, Dragon, Beauty of Speed and Almost Rosey are good as some of her classics tbh.
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  5. I’ve spent too many hours poring over the SLG and SW era imagery. She looked incredible in both sets of artwork for wildly different reasons but whew. I have the Time cover for my copy of SLG, but any of them would have been stunning.

    And yeah @enjoy I think that ADP is far and away the album from “modern” Tori with the most gems that should be better regarded.
  6. I got around to watching the long chat with Noah, and I was laughing so hard at her being so enthralled by her previous notepads. The woman must have thousands of songs unheard!

    I wonder if "Mermaids" became 'Selkie'?
  7. I'm falling back into a major Tori phase after this current Madonnathon I've been on. It's been ages since I've really sat with these albums that genuinely shaped my life for about 2-3 solid years. The DAYS I spent listening to her music. The way Suede SMELLS like the trip to Florida I was on when I got TVAB and listened to it incessently. How Boys for Pele reminds me of cold evenings killing time before my post-school Life Drawing classes. I could go on...

    That said, about to listen to Gold Dust for the first full.. ever. I think. I'm ready to hate it.
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  8. (Gold Dust has been fine so far., none of these really better any of their originals, but it's a nice breezy trip through memory lane, and the song selection is lovely and eclectic. Maybe I'm just reminded of why the originals are fab, but still!)

    EDIT: Silent All These Years still giving me chills. This version is cute with the melodic changes in the glorious bridge. A slight Joni Both Sides Now tea in that we have a version from the beginning of her career and then this more seasoned version... the meaning takes new form.
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  9. Omg for some reason I thought you meant the song. I don’t really consider the album in my assessment of Tori so I was like “wtf who hates Gold Dust?”
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  10. Gold Dust is alright on its own and i have a weak spot for the Flavor re-arrangement but considering that the Night of Hunters tour with the quartet where there were new imaginations of songs like Cruel, Suede, Big Wheel etc. and we got none of that in Gold Dust... It was a huge disappointment in my case.
  11. Well I've always enjoyed the album but I've just searched for Big Wheel and now I'm mad nn.

    Where the Beekeeper bootlegs the last ones to ever be released?
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  12. Um don't tell me you have not heard about legs & boots until now!? Tori and Mark have released quite a bunch of shows from ADP era. They are all available on streaming platforms

    Also there is a live recording that has been released in the post AATS times, called "From Russia With Love". It is not available unfortunately, at least not for me.
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  13. The Hunters tour version of Big Wheel is a ridiculous hillbilly hoedown serve. I love it.
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  14. Oh yeah I forgot about Legs&Boots being post-ADP. I suppose there are not offcial bootlegs for the Night Of Hunters tour then.

    I found a link with "From Russia With Love" last year on a "alt/quirky girls" blog dddd
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  15. This arrangement though, whew.
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  16. God the Legs and Boots era was me at my frothy mad standom best/worst. Tori really showed every other artist how it’s done by recording and releasing what feels like every show in its entirety. Queen. Some of these hussies can’t get a single show recording out...
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  17. I love Cooling so much! And The Power of Orange Knickers is a beautiful melody
  18. The Beekeeper is a lovely warm soothing album and just a different phase for her it’s got a bad reputation but it’s very much a good albums for these troubled times.

    The Power of Orange Knickers
    Ribbons Undone
    Jamaica Inn
    Martha’s Foolish Ginger
    Goodbye Pisces
  19. It’s full of sooo many gorgeous melodies.
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  20. Toast is beautiful and one of her best latter-day songs.
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