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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Looks like this is all of the info compiled by fans so far based on info leaking from a few sources.
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  2. Soft porn guitars of Broken Arrow - I cannot stop laughing.

    So Ladyhawke and Tori in October.
  3. Remember when the fans got Tori's people to stop using the photoshop-heavy promo image during the Night Of Hunters era?


  4. even the un-photoshopped one is still touched up and doesn’t look like Tori at all. That and the photo of her stood in front of the motorbike with the insanely heavy eye make up in the Gold Dust artwork are possibly the worst album art pics she’s ever done
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  5. Oh god I try to forget about the motorbike pic!

    It's a shame this upcoming cover is likely to be a dud when the previous two album covers have been perfect.
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  6. I don't think she's had good visuals for about 20 years. It's a pity. Her music deserves so much better.
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  7. The Beekeeper tourbook was stunning. Shame that the album artwork was so crap.
  8. I have to agree.
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  9. Oh I loved the Native Invader art! Definitely her best since Scarlet's Walk.
  10. The Native Invader art was the best in a long while because it was so dark you couldn't see much dddd
  11. Not her serving her own SHAME moment according to the tea…

  12. The description gives me "another post-Scarlet Tori album", but I'm happy it's similar to Native Invader.
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  13. SO many to pick and they ended up with that bland picture was a real shame! I can’t remember exactly but there was a blue pictures that was perfect for an album cover.
  14. I agree that in terms of artwork Sfg1.jpg Sfb2.jpg FB_IMG_1631656737918.jpg FB_IMG_1631656724638.jpg unnamed (1).jpg Foribest7.jpg Native Invader is the best post-Scarlet album.

    Does anybody here remember the fake Fori album covers from 2005-2012? Iconic.
  15. Native Invader's art direction (tour poster notwithstanding) felt really fresh and current in a way a lot of her post-Beekeeper releases haven't been. I'll withhold judgment on the cover art for this until we see it, but I am glad to hear that she's taking cues from Invader for the album as a whole.
  16. The tea doesn’t exactly excite me. Not another dud of a cover. I’m not surprised. Native Invader was too good to be true!
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  17. I use this one

    Attached Files:

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  18. At this point, my hope is the cover isn't as bad as we're expecting and the reintroduction of Matt and Jon will make the band songs sound more alive than the previous records. Can't wait for the announcement!
  19. I quite like the Night of Hunters cover, so if it's equal to/better than that, I'm good.
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