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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Well, Tash was involved... make of that what you will.

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  3. I have enough signed stuff, so I just ordered the blue vinyl for now.
  4. OspreyQueen

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    The cover really is terrible, but I'm excited for the album regardless. I feel like it'll have a similar concept and feel to Solar Power. And being a westcountry resident myself I'm looking forward to seeing how the music is influenced by this part of the world.
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  5. Surprise! It's a full on Tori/Tash duet album!!
    ...where's everyone going?
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  6. I just bought the signed CD.

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  7. “But of course, being a songwriter and creator there were times I had to take myself off, because when you have to go blood letting, as I call it, when you really have to peel that skin back and get to the raw emotion you need to get to, as the mum of a child, you just need to take yourself off. I didn’t want my daughter to feel that from her mum. To be the writer I needed to be, to write ADP (American Doll Posse) for example, I needed to f**k off.”

    SCREAMING - can she be my mom?
  8. Very curious whether those other songs will resurface at some point, but excited by the relative spontaneity / reactiveness of her process here. To Venus and Back was similar, if I'm not mistaken, originally intended to be a b-sides album.
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  9. I have just pre-ordered a signed edition. Let me join the clown college.
  10. I’m really enjoying reading this thread. I’d say Tori’s produced four actual masterpieces - Earthquakes, Pele, Choirgirl and Scarlet.

    And for all its faults I love Beekeeper. Parasol, Sweet The Sting, The Power of Orange Knickers, Jamaica Inn, Martha’s Foolish Ginger and Toast are as strong as 80% of the songs on Scarlet. It deserves its own ‘under fucking rated’ t-shirt in the shop.

    It’s a shame Tori decided to ditch an entire album, and I’m glad she released Earthquakes and Pele before she became a mother, but I sort of understand where she’s coming from. I can’t imagine belly flopping into a septic tank of my own negativity and then taking it on a world tour. As I get older I’m discovering the joys of being selective about what I send out into the world but it’s hard work.

    The most troubling thing about the album artwork is that Tori thought it was a good idea to pose on a cliff edge in a billowing dress…
  11. I ordered a cassette because the colour was cute and there’s less of the cover to look at.
  12. In terms of musical inspiration, do you find much from the current climate that inspires you, or do you mostly listen to the songs you grew up with?

    Well, I mean, of course I love that music! But Tash’s boyfriend, he was with us for five months on the lockdown, so I call them Oliver’s tracks...he would play me jazz every night. He’s at the Guild Hall...much of it was obscure, some of it was contemporary and fascinating. He and Tash exposed me to all sorts of music that I have found interesting.

    Please no Jazz...........
  13. I wonder if she is planning to release a single or a preview track before the album release.
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  14. More quotes from interviews. I'm genuinely excited for this record based on these interviews.

    From Total Entertainment


    Rolling Stone of course clickbaits the press release saying "Tori Amos Announces Album Inspired by the January 6th Capitol Attack"

    This is a great interview with iNews. The song "Spies" is about the Cornwall bats... which also makes me think her bat look on the cover is very intentional.

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  16. Tori taking her fashion cues from Edna Mode, I see.
  17. I like the talk she’s talking about this record. It sounds personal and usually she thrives musically from places of despair (not that I’d wish her any misery). Let’s see if it translates to the songs well.
  18. I understand people being irked but she invites his input by including him in the recording process. He is an engineer so he has a background in music. It’s not as though he is just her husband and knows nothing about music or recording. If you are working closely with someone on music I think they have the right to give their opinion of the music.
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  19. Ordered a signed CD, a cassette, and a record (which I may end up canceling since I hate when there are only like 2 songs to a side, but it was pretty so I figured I'd get in while I could). I. AM. READY.
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