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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Anyone has a link for the blue vinyl for Europe (non-UK)?
    We cannot order anymore from UK since Brexit.
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  2. Everything about this has me so excited!!!
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  3. In recent years she’s at least stopped talking about the music at arms length, focusing on “muses” and other anthropomorphic concepts. I appreciate that she talks from a more grounded place these days, even if I am nervous about this album’s quality…
  4. I’m not too worried about the quality. She went through a down period in the middle part of her career, but the last two albums were really good. It gives me hope that the album is on the shorter side.
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  5. I love that she is aware of how she sounds sometimes...

  6. So, I have this half-formed "impression" of her that I do for friends I have who are also long-time fans. I turn my voice volume down and my vocal fry way up, my inflections measured and ponderous, and it's sort of like

    "I turned to husband, and I said, 'Husband, I think I'm in way over my head here. I mean, I've put so much butter on this toast that there's no room for jam.' And he thought about that for a moment, and then he said, 'Wife, you may be focusing on the wrong bowling pin here. The question isn't whether or not you've added too much butter. The question is, if you drop the toast, will it land on all fours?' (sits back and tosses up arms as if that perspective should have been inherently obvious) So, this is an album about bloodletting."

    ...And then she went and used the word 'bloodletting' in her first O2O interview.
  7. Pretty fascinating that she scrapped a full album. I can't think of another time in her career where she's done something like that? She writes a lot per cycle so songs get started and scrapped but I really am curious about how finished everything was when she abandoned things. I'd heard a while back that she had enough material for a double album.
  8. The album features a really interesting range of electronic sounds as well as your signature piano.

    Hell. Yes.
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  9. The way I’m slowing losing will power to wait to preorder that blue vinyl since we haven’t actually heard anything yet. Oh the power of Tori!
  10. I stalled too long and the blue vinyl is now sold out everywhere in the UK.
    Luckily the US store has some (be quick).
    No stores are stocking it in Australia as far as I can see.
  11. Order it now - you can always cancel it later!
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  12. Her store giving zero fucks about amending the banner is sending me…

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  13. Tash can probably only put in an hour or so’s work a night on her mum’s digital marketing. Cut her some slack!

    SHE IS BOOKED AND BUSY (by her mom) in the studio providing background vokals! How dare you!
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  15. I hope they are very much in the background.
  16. Yeah it is strange. She usually reworks songs to fit a different narrative, never completely scrapping them. I hope we get them somewhere down the line *he says while thinking of 'Berlin Wall', 'Learning To Fly' and the three unreleased Strange Little Girls covers*...
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  17. Imagine if Tori read this. You whores won’t be getting ANYMORE alberms! Ddd
  18. You better pray that Tash signs your copies of the new album, girls.
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