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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Ribbons Undone from Beekeeper has just clicked with me. beautiful
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  2. For as much flack as this got at the time, it has a lovely melody and is really inviting. The whole of the Beekeeper is great, don’t @ me!
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  3. I adore that album. The melodies are soooo beautiful.
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  4. The first review! 4/5 stars. These descriptions and the overall narrative sound really exciting...

    Swim to New York State
    Speaking With Trees
    Ocean to Ocean
    29 Years
    Birthday Baby
  5. Sounds good but why are we getting reviews weeks before albums these days.
  6. A lot of press received the album a week or so ago
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  7. This sounds like it could turn out to be a great album! I'm excited, especially now once I'm on a Tori binge.
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  8. I don’t want to piss on anyone’s fire but does anyone remember that first review for The Beekeeper? As much as I love that record, the review was…wrong.
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  9. I'll never forget that review. Legendary, really. This seems more tempered but yes, everyone hears songs differently.
  10. She’s going to be interviewed in the new Mojo. They always have great interviews that actually focus on songwriting and recording.
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  11. 'Ribbons Undone' clicked for me when I saw Tori perform it for Tash (who was up the top with her school friends) at the Albert Hall. It was genuinely quite moving.
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  12. She posted a video on her Facebook with a lot of art cards. Some of them are already signed. Yay.
  13. Why what did they say?
  14. There’s something very nostalgic about knowing that so many fans remember this online review from 16 years ago dd
  15. I have preordered
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  16. An insider on ATRL said the Speaking With Trees is due 9/29!

    Track times:
    1. Addition of Light Divided - 4:05
    2. Speaking With Trees - 3:55
    3. Devil's Bane - 4:32
    4. Swim To New York State - 4:20
    5. Spies - 5:59
    6. Ocean to Ocean - 3:30
    7. Flowers Burn to Gold - 3:41
    8. Metal Water Wood - 4:00
    9. 29 Years - 4:47
    10. How Glass Is Made - 3:56
    11. Birthday Baby - 4:44
  17. The blue vinyl variant is back in stock on both Tori's site and Center Stage.
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  18. I saw this on Instagram yesterday and I'm convinced they were meant to put a clip of the track but fucked up.
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