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Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. We don’t know yet
  2. on every tour up to Geraldine’s, she would do 4-5 songs per night from the current album. It was only really with the UG and NI tours that she didn’t play much from the current album. Although for the latter, Tori did admit that she didn’t have much time to rehearse.
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  3. That’s still not that much though as compared to people like Madonna or PJ Harvey who will play almost the whole of the current album.
  4. I guess the fan requests have a large part to play in her setlist too. I remember the show in Glasgow on the Night of Hunters tour (I think!) was made up of pretty much all requests
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  5. Speaking With Trees is out in New Zealand. Looks to be just YouTube for now but if anybody wants to hunt, it's there. I'm keeping my ears open. Early reactions are what I'd expect from fans over a 2021 Tori Amos lead single.

    Listened twice, and I really enjoyed it! I think it's her best lead in a while. The production is close to Christmastide I guess, but I was actually reminded more of The Beekeeper because the drums are so dramatic and keep pace with the song. The bridge is definitely on the intense side and really opens up at the end with the "feel their arms around you" I don't love the electric guitar on it throughout, but it doesn't ruin the song as a whole. It's her best lead single in a while? Better than Welcome to England, Trouble's Lament, and Cloud Riders to my ears. I'm into the lyrics and for a 2021 Tori lead, I think it's solid.
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  6. I really like it. It feels way more...percussive? than the last two leads, and she sounds great on the chorus.
  7. Genuinely blown away by how impressed I am with it! Her vocals are amazing, the instrumentation started off a bit AATS but really came into its own towards the end, it’s just a really great song overall. I had mixed expectations about the album but this has got me perched.
  8. It’s great to hear Matt & Jon back. They sound amazing. Matt’s drums are brilliant. The lyrics are brilliant too.
    Not a fan of how buried the piano is in the mix. The vocals are pretty weak and to say the song is about grief, the vocal delivery isn’t particularly emotional. Is she permanently stuck with baby voice now?
  9. Agree that the piano is a little low in the mix, but hoping the streaming version is better.

    "baby voice" is so overused at this point. I don't even know what it actually refers to because fans wheel it out anytime a vocal doesn't sound like a 90s album. Her delivery sounds much better to my ears on this song and connects to the lyrics.
  10. I'm less concerned with the alleged "bAbY vOiCe" than I am the double-tracked vocals at certain parts, which to me is sort of a played-out production technique for Tori since 2014 - it doesn't feel necessary, but clearly she likes the sound of it and it's only occasional here so I'll deal
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  11. “baby voice” is that monotone breathy whisperer thing she does a lot on more recent albums where she’s singing from her throat rather than her chest. Sometimes it works. Other times it sounds flat.

    Weatherman is a combination of chest voice and head voice. As is Forest of Glass. Reindeer King has lots of high head voice too. All work well. Invisible Boy switches between the 2 as well and all work well.

    Maybe California is baby voice. Christmastide is baby voice.
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  12. I think the vocals are weaker than other songs, but I think they're improved a bit here versus some of the Christmastide tracks. I'll evangelize her lower register til the end of time but she seems to avoid it on studio recordings. The bridge and final chorus of Sleeping With Trees is particularly strong.
  13. Christmastide's biggest problem for me was that her vocals just weren't high enough in the mix. I saw a lot of comments about how "weak" her voice sounded at the time but as I recall that was only noticeable for me on like one song.

    Speaking with Trees seems to swerve all that for the most part which is good.
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  14. I never bought into the Kate Bush comparisons as far as their sounds were concerned. But this does seem quite Bush-like to me in terms of vocals and the instrumentation. But the song itself seems rather anodyne and not especially memorable.

  15. It is very annoying argument to have, but that is the sentiment i have for the most of Tori's fanbase. In other news, I am glad to read the review at the previous page. I remember that name from unforumzed and i remember him not liking UG and Native Invader, so that makes me very excited. I have been coming back to her music recently, it is just the time for a new album.
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  16. I really like the lyrics. Sometimes her lyrics can be a bit esoteric and ambiguous which makes them hard to relate to. This is more literal and truly heartfelt about her mother’s death.
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  17. I switched my iTunes to New Zealand so I could hear a sneak preview and oooooh! I like this. These drums are so chunky. Some of the recent leads feel like they're just sort of.... *there* - pretty, pleasant, but just *there*. I like the propulsion on this one based on the ninety seconds I've heard so far.
  18. I like it a lot. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s still really strong.
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  19. Well I love it on first listen, which is something I haven’t been able to say about a lead Tori single in a long, long time.

    What a welcome surprise.
  20. Oh Speaking With Trees is great.
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