Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean

Honestly heartbroken that I had to leave an hour in because my anxiety got so bad and the crowd was so rude. Literally two white ladies were talking full volume over the music drinking truly seltzers and when I talked with them openly and kindly they mocked me, sat down and then started talking soon after. The sad part was i even told them it was my first time seeing her cause they told me they had seen her over 30 times. A lot of people in the crowd seemed in it for the hits, down to talk over the slower moments. I thought of all artists Tori would have the type of fans who want to liften to her when she’s singing. All that said I WEPT through Sorts Fairytale and Past the Mission sliced my heart to shreds! To shreds I say!
She debuted Siren and Your Cloud tonight, as well as solo Snow Cherries From France

Fantastic video from after she started it in a different key, and then couldn't remember part of the chorus... but my god, she sounded and played it so well.