Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean

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Was at the show in Chicago. Didn’t think I’d have time to go because of work, but somehow everything *just* aligned. Got a nosebleed seat last minute and ran out of my apartment door like I was late to school. Lucked out because my spot sounded amazing, and I had a direct eye view of Tori in a historic building. Also the light design was incredible.

She was in excellent voice. Shoutout to the band for being so musically tight (even with an “oops!” moment in the drums on “Cornflake Girl”—the three of them looked like they we’re going to try to salvage the chorus, but the audience kept singing along so she shrugged her shoulders and kept going haha.)

(…also the audience was super annoying during “Silent All These Years”—something so bizarre about audiences that shriek during intimate ballads, but OK werk audience, I get it, it's a hit—regardless her phrasing was super interesting, like she was having a ball finding new discoveries in the song herself which was beautiful to witness.)

“Girl”, “Ocean to Ocean”, “Putting the Damage On”, and “Liquid Diamonds” were stunning. One of the best renditions of “Caught a Light Sneeze” I've heard. “Russia” was visceral as fuck. She was so cute when she forgot “Taxi Ride” was on her own set list. Oh, and “Bouncing Off Clow-ee-youds” was so crisply performed, it was practically a disco. (edit: OH! And "Addition of Light Divided" made me cry.)

lol at the encore being back to back “Space Dog” meets “Back to Life” by Soul II Soul followed by “Precious Things”.

Bought an overpriced bookmark that came in an organza gift bag, and talked to really nice people in line.

An incredible way to spend my night.
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I feel like she’s played more from the new album this time than the last few tours at least. But the sets have all been incredible. In particular, it seems like Scarlet’s Walk is getting lots of attention which is always appreciated.

I’m so excited for the LA shows coming up already next week.
Yes she has played a few more then the past tours but it’s usually the same ones. Ocean to Ocean, Addition of Light Divided and Devil’s Bane.
She played Spies a lot in the UK but seems to have dropped that now.
But it is refreshing how much of her back catalogue she covers compared to most artists who just stick to major hit singles.
I am convinced the plethora of Scarlet's Walk is related to a reissue she's readying behind the scenes. She alluded to something coming in an interview, and this October is the 20th anniversary. It would make perfect sense if she's remastering the album and finally pressing it on vinyl. I'm hopeful this includes the Scarlet's Hidden Treasures songs!

I love her lower register, so glad to hear her leaning into it.