Tori Kelly - "missin u" + 5th Album

She did a new interview with People and said that she hopes to explore a little bit more with this era. "missin u", as we've all discussed, is definitely a throwback to Y2K with everything from the sound to the visuals ("Say My Name" was a big influence visually). Also, kind of an interesting tidbit that I didn't know about her is that she grew up dancing? Here for more choreo and bops!


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The image shift is a little bit jarring, but I'm glad she seems to have stopped taking herself so seriously. The song isn't gelling entirely with me but I'm perched to see what else she has in store.
She looks STUNNING with the dark hair! The song is cute, hopefully signalling a change in direction for her as I love her voice so much.
Wait @ this being a bop? She fell off my radar with all the christian music but I thought she was gonna be huge when Nobody Love dropped. The album was kinda messy but I still come back to these every now and then:

I still love her voice. I'm here for her renaissance if this is what she's delivering.
I had to do a double take as well when I saw the promotional images. But she is mixed.
I don't think the GP was aware of it when the promo images came out because a certain faction of Twitter users were comparing her to Jesy Nelson. That said, there is a nuanced discussion to be had about her leaning into her whiteness during the earlier years of her career vs. now, and how she'll navigate the intersection between her music and mixed heritage in this era. I'm just happy that she's delivering bops instead of what we've been fed over the years.
The song's cute but it felt a little bit anticlimactic, like it lost steam towards the end. The amazing as always ad-libs try to do the heavy lifting towards the ending, but I feel the song's missing a proper middle-8 and a punchier production.
There's some basic elements to this, but like with Chloe's Pray It Away (Clean Version, obvi), I feel like those basic elements don't take away from how compelling the overall package is and how, if in the hands of someone bigger like Ariana, would be an easy #1.
Not this JoJo (2004) deep cut! I can't stop playing it.

Okay, so on repeat listens, I really like it, but the issue is that the chorus sounds like a pre chorus that leads into a post chorus but no actual chorus…am I crazy?

This is what stops me from loving the song to be honest, but she still sounds amazing and the potential for this era is huge. I am perched.