Tori Kelly - TORI.

I love a good female popstar but she just doesn't embody that for me. This song feels a bit faceless, though as you have all said, she sounds great overall (though the processing on the recording is a little much in those verses).

I just revisited the "Inspired by True Events" album and I really enjoy a lot of it. Her career has been a bit of a rollorcoaster so far - acoustic soft-rock pop success, then a turn to gospel that earned her more accolades but lost the momentum in the pop world, then years of just floating around between all of these sounds.

"Paper Hearts" is still my absolute favorite song of hers - will be interesting to hear more of this new material and if she is really going to go hard into this pop girl thing.
I keep wondering why the band were placed behind the purple curtain during her performance on Corden? Does it cost more to have them join her on stage or something? The vocals were killer as expected but there was so much dead space around her. It sucks the joy out of the song, especially when it kinda warrants dancers or at lease some energy in the performance.
'missin u' underperforming kind of explains why is it an EP and not a whole album, it actually feels like a miracle that we're getting any kind of body of work at all nowadays! There will probably be a couple of different styles and see what sticks.

'missin u' was a nice starting point but it was definitely undercooked, though.