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Torres – Silver Tongue & general

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Jan 27, 2015.

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    Torres is the alias of Mackenzie Scott who will release her second album Sprinter on 5th May (18th in Europe). The album has been produced by Rob Ellis who has worked with PJ Harvey and Anna Calvi, among others.

    The first single is called "Strange Hellos". It's noticeably louder than pretty much anything from her debut. "New Skin" is another already released song that will appear on the album, although in a new version. The recording I linked to features Sharon van Etten and members of The War on Drugs as the backing band.


    Torres' self-titled debut from 2013 is worth a listen for everyone who enjoys downbeat singer-songwriter material (not unlike Sharon van Etten or PJ Harvey). It's mostly electric guitar-based, though my personal favourite "Chains" is a stark dirge backed by a synthesized beat and bass, and occasional synths. "Honey" was the single and it's a pretty good indicator of what to expect from the album (not any brighter moments, that's for sure). "Mother Earth, Father God" is another highlight.
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  2. I remember giving her debut a listen and enjoying it. Love the anger on "Hello Stranger." This type of song is sorely missing from today's musical landscape.
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  3. I loved her debut and this sounds really promising; the fact that she has stepped up her artwork game is really pleasing to see. Hoping for some more tracks like 'When Winter's Over' and 'Moon & Back', they're my favourite.
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  4. Wow a Torres thread! Apparently I was the first person to import the first album on CD to the UK having pre-ordered it directly from Mackenzie herself before the US release (way before it got picked up in the UK). A very minor claim to fame, of sorts! I was then lucky enough to be with about 30 people who watched her set at Latitude the year before last. Honey is still such a tune. Not entirely sold on the new song yet but am sure it will grow.
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    "Sprinter", the title track from the album is here.

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  6. The Sharon Van Etten comment has me intrigued. I will give this a go, later.
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  7. Anyone else loving the absolute hell out of this?
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  8. Yes. I purchased a $10 ticket to her show in Chicago later this month, and I felt like I was stealing. This record is easily one of the best of the year.
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  9. It's a brilliant album and seems to be picking up great reviews from the critics. Shades of PJ Harvey which I really appreciate.
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  10. Wait at this album only now just hitting me over the head like a sledgehammer.
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  11. It really hit me like a sledgehammer too.Especially the opening one-two punch of Strange Hellos and New Skin.The part where she goes "i'm a tired woman,In January i will be twenty three.." is challenging early PJ records (ala Rid of Me)and i fucking love that.
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  12. This is still my favorite winter record i guess.The whole record feels so raw and personal and therefore it instantly grabbed my attention.Strange Hellos,New Skin,Sprinter and The Exchange would feel just right at PJ's masterpiece Is This Desire ? and that is a huge compliment from me.
    I'm perched for her new record whenever that may be.
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  13. Ooh, yas.

    New album coming?
    And she's just signed to 4AD!
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  14. Love how this sounds so sinister and upbeat at the same time. Perfect aesthetics for her too. Will fit nicely in my summer angst playlist next to the new Julia Michaels, Haim, Paramore and Muna.
  15. [​IMG]

    Coming September 29, here's the title track.

    Selener hewm.
  16. Love the aesthetic this era. The title track is pleasant and will probably grow on me, but it's not the bop Skim is.
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  17. Loving her serving blonde, young Nick Cave.
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    I live for the atmospheric synths in the song getting more and more prominent throughout, but probably not as much as I live for the overtly lesbian artwork and videos.
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  19. Three Futures has grown on me a lot over the past week, might even prefer it to Skim by this point.

    In other Torres news, I stumbled upon this performance of The Harshest Light the other day and I've been obsessed with it since.
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  20. I'm obsessed with the two new tracks.

    The visuals are stunning too.
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