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Torres – Silver Tongue & general

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. New song "Helen in the Woods" is out. So excited for this album.
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  2. Video is out too:

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  4. Her videos have been so impeccable this album.

    This one is the weakest so far but it still works!
  5. Now that I think about it maybe it's to avoid getting this moved to Potential next flop threads ddd.
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  6. One day away from release and this has somehow miraculously managed to avoid leaking. Amazing.

    She's produced an interview with Pitchfork, which contains some musings on self care and gender politics plus a description of what sounds like my future new favourite song of hers

    (And please check out this extremely lovely song from her hypothetical future tour opener while you're here.)

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  7. The new album is fucking amazing.

    The first track alone is just phenomenal. It totally reminds me of Björk's Dancer In The Dark album.
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  8. Had one listen and definitely enjoyed it. I feel you have to be in the right mood. There's a lot more texture to this one.
  9. Can't stop listening to this.

    Greener Stretch and Righteous Woman are slaying my buss today.
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  10. I am not a righteous woman
    I'm more of an ass man

    Is my favorite song opener in quite awhile.
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  11. The album is great but the way she sings (like her mouth is full) bothers me quite a lot and it's gotten worst with each new album.
  12. I’m late but Helen In the Woods is a banger. I love her vivid lyricsm, the overall package is very early PJ Harvey which i live for.
  13. I became obsessed with this record and her. She is quite possibly my favorite alt girl after Annie Clark. I love the guttural feeling and direct approach of her music and lyrics. Whereas Annie always dresses them up with sarcasm and metaphors she always goes for the jugular. This is still such a moment.
  14. Oh no. 4AD has dropped her.
  15. First they give Grimes a hard time. Now Torres is on the chopping block.

    What's going on at 4AD?
  16. This makes me so sad, her album was one of my favorites of last year and 4AD has always been one of my favorite labels.
  17. Ugh, that's sad to hear. I don't listen to her enough but that's rough.
  18. I hope I don't get in trouble for double posting, but Torres has an interview with Spin out about her label issues. It's a good read.
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  19. 2019 refusing to let us breathe.
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