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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Wuming01, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. The name is oddly quaint, isn't it? I love how it's abbreviated to either TEED or TEEDinosaurs.

    This song 'Garden' has been lying around for quite a while and it's the old video (they got a new one after leaving Greco-Roman for Polydor) but it's still pretty ace. A bit reminiscent of SBTRKT. They have other ace tracks too, but this is definitely the best.
  2. Has this been featured in an ad, a movie or something? I'm sure I recognise it form somewhere, I can't put my finger on it...
    The instrumental is lovely! The girl's voice is quite nice too, the boy's seems a little bit...bland though?
  3. Their(?) remix of Sky Ferreira's One is muy bueno.
  4. Not sure about the instrumental, but the girl is a guest vocalist. Perhaps that's why Garden is the best of their tracks. Though I like the male's 'subdued' (hah) vocals as well.

    Debut album is due in 2012.
  5. Didn't they remix Sugababes' Denial?
  6. Rmx


    They're on Gaga's new Born This Way Remix album, that's the only thing I recognize their name from.
  7. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    I love this song. One of my favourite singles of October! The new video is better, though.
  8. Reviews don't seem too good on there...
  9. I loved it when Cheryl Cole tweeted a link to the "Garden" video and all the hipsters got their knickers in a twist.
  10. New album in June (11th - same day as Iamami), called Trouble :

    1. Promises
    2. Trouble
    3. Shimmer
    4. Household Goods
    5. Your Love
    6. You Need Me On My Own
    7. Panpipes
    8. Garden
    9. Solo
    10. Tapes & Money
    11. American Dream Part II
    12. Closer
    13. Fair
    14. Stronger

    This is going to be huge !
  11. I randomly come in here and find out iamamiwhoami are releasing an album? Amazing. Yay for clicking on threads of artists you don't care about.
  12. What a stupid name, I refuse to listen to them for that reason.
  13. Except this guy is huge, and, come on, you all know Garden.
  14. I clicked on this purely out curiosity and colour me surprised, they're(?) actually really good!

    I'm especially diggin' the sound of Garden, Trouble, and Tapes and Money.

    Thank you, Popjustice.
  15. Yeah it was on a Nokia Lumia ad that ran internationally for quite a while, haha.

    The name is fun!

    Latest single Tapes & Money:
  16. Oh I do really like this band, surprised to see them on PJ though. Dream On is another great track of theirs.
  17. I quite like "Leave A Light On," but I hope that there's something as boppy as "Household Goods" on the album / EP / next release.

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