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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Happenstance, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. I'm just re watching this for the 3rd time. It has to be the best reality TV I've ever seen (apart from maybe that pink speed boat woman on the mosquito coast).

    Anyone else a fan? It's really worth a watch, the creators trolled all the people involved massively and they obviously had no control over it.

    All episodes are @
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  2. I am screaming at this having a new thread. Lisa Scott-Lee needs to be booked for Celebrity Big Brother as a matter of urgency.
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  3. Sorry I did a search and couldn't find any threads. Is there duplicates?
  4. Michelle is as much of a star in the show, her constant wining- making the boyfriend take the ring back to add more diamonds and all that. "I'd want to keep her happy, huh"
  5. The most iconic TV show ever.
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  6. I'd forgotten this! I was glued to it back then.

    What was that dreadful single she released called? I remember it peaking outside the top 10 which effectively ended her solo 'career'.
  7. Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite reality TV show ever. The record company woman who clearly hated her, her Mum and Dad, the showcase.. so many amazing moments, I'm going to binge watch the whole thing!

  8. I'm answering my own question, but this is the single they were pushing in the series. Really bad. Poor Lisa. She should immediately team up with Lee from Steps as a duo.
  9. "Take the cabbage off you're head, dear"

    "Something, something scones. Hey guys, it's Totally Scone-Lee! Hey, you're Too Far Scone!" as they laugh, drunkenly wandering down the street.

    "Are you David and Victoria?" Random lady in the market to Michelle and Andy.

    So many gems! I wish I could watch it all again.
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  10. Just watched the first 10 minutes of episode one and there is so much gold even in that.

    • "We have the pictures up because she likes to think we take an interest."
    • "It's physically and mentally demanding, but I do it... is there a toilet, I haven't been yet?"
    • "A top twenty is no good to me."
    • And of course her husband not buying her birthday present.
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  11. I know this more by its repuation on this forum, but I do remember watching a few episodes years ago when it was marathoned on a random music channel. Quite possibly one of the most cringe inducing shows ever to grace TV, in the best way, natch.

    The sheer desperation to sell Electric (making sure everyone from Steps bought a copy!), the neighbours complaining about them setting off fireworks in the back garden (on camera!), Lisa breaking down after some random nightclub performance about the prospect of having to give up her music career, her attitude once they got the final chart position, the label lady's utter contempt for her, the possibility of focusing on the Chinese market... TV gold.
  12. My favourite is:



  13. Thank you. I'm re-watching and getting my LIFE. Its actually shocking.
  14. Me and @Island noted amusingly last night that the song did actually eventually climb from 23. So slay a bit after some premature doom and gloom queen.
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  15. Granny Scott-Lee was so freaking shady.
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  16. Aside from 'B list at Capital' my favourite bit is when her and her friends are pissed, going to Michelle Heaton's birthday party, and Lisa 'accidentally' leaves her present in the taxi and finds it hilarious because she clearly hates Michelle, and then goes on about how she's so drunk because she's only eaten a scone and then makes all the scone puns.
    This always makes me cackle!
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  17. I forgot Michelle is was married to her brother. How totally Scott-Lee is that!?
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  18. I've just watched the whole thing. Roseanne at the label is just hilarious. 'I don't feel fucking sorry for her'. Nathan Moore jumping on every stage before her and Andy. The Dad as the tour manager, and perving on her when she is doing the Electric video in a bikini, THE meltdown in the final episode when she threatens to walk out if they do the live reveal a certain way, and her husband stepping in. It is SO Valerie Cherish, I can't even.
  19. Watching it now and already howling at the Granny throwing biscuits everywhere struggling to open her digestives.

    'We've got all these pictures of her up because she likes to think we take an interest' - oh my God, Granny is my favourite.
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