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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Happenstance, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. One of her songs was used in a C-Pop song recently:
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  2. Imagine if there was a second season and the potential iconic moments we could have had as Lisa tries to break Asia!

    - Lisa playing up her Chinese heritage every second, much like Nathan and his brother beyond days.
    - Michelle freaking out about the Chinese lifestyle and customs (having a meltdown over using a squat toilet, having to ear chicken feet).
    - Lisa being forced to endorse and film an advert for an electricity company, as part of her record deal.
    - Nan enjoying life without Lisa around. Her house features no photos of Lisa, and she's invited Rachel Stevens round for tea. She's serving Fortnum & Mason's biscuits for her.
    - Nathan still being incompetent. He books Lisa to play at an retirement home after misunderstanding Mandarin.
    - Roseanne laughing from afar.
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  3. Claire popping up and asking her how things were going in "all the Chinese countries".
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  4. dddd my housemate is going out tonight so Imma marathon this wonderful shit show, following the thread revival reminding me what a trip it is.
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  5. - Andy still trying to get his single released to no avail.
    - Never Or Now being used in a Chinese laxative commercial.
  6. NEED all these.
  7. Who edited the Never or Now Wikipedia page? It’s so extra.
  8. I love it. If it was anyone here just to let you know I'm making some further edits because the formatting is giving me a headache.
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  9. Nana from heaven <3
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  10. Hilarious fake tracklisting alert! @Andy French
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  11. TONOMATIC???
  12. Oh god. If only. Didn't she tweet Chicane (?) or someone like that about Burn out and falling as they produced it but didn't hear anything back? That's the one I'd love to get hold of.
    Oh turns out she wrote it for Steps with Chicane and Emma Bunton also recorded it.
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  13. You're tonomatic
    Don't you know that it's driving me crazy?
    You're always at it
    Baby you'll never treat me right (no)
  14. I just added a "title and artwork" section to her album wiki. Kylie who?
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  15. They must have been digging really deep into Dannii Minogue's trash folder to find these songs. It's so shit but I love it.
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  16. "You're No Good for Me" is a more rock-pop track which has drawn influences from bands who broke out during the mid 2000s such as Keane and Kaiser Chiefs.
  17. Never or Now the song is a bop.
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  18. I wonder if we'll ever find out who recorded the chorus of Make It Last Forever because it certainly wasn't Lisa.
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  19. I actually remember Lisa’s response from a fan forum when the single was released and people questioned it. Her answer was that the backing singers sang too loudly when they were recording it?!

    Unrelated note but Don’t You Want My Number? is the kind of basic bop that I live for.
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