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Totally Scott-Lee

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Happenstance, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. This was another song she recorded during the Concept era, though Lisa's version has never surfaced except for a clip from the show. Both Rescue and You're No Good for Me were from Maria Willson's shelved 2003 album

    If they were going to harvest songs from Telstar's dumpster, why didn't they find Rosie's album?!

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  2. Oh, wow, I hadn’t heard this before, just remember a clip of Lisa’s version being in TSL. I always found it a little odd how a lot of the tracks she was demo’ing for Concept was in this Kym Marsh kind of sound. I’m almost shocked they didn’t try to force her to re-record Masai’s album.
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  3. It was their desperate attempt to record something "current". Queen of indie rock.

    I think both songs are rather dated and dull, but it was slim pickings I suppose.
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  4. Same with the Jamie Benson track they had her record, as lovely as ‘No Other Day’ is, it doesn’t feel like a song she’d choose to release. The girls and gays needed the bangers.
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  5. Funnily enough I always thought Jamie Benson and Maria Willson looked and sounded eerily similar. Someone at Concept was clearly a big fan.
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  6. Ddd Maybe Lisa wouldn't allow herself to sing Rosie Ribbons cast-offs but who knows.

    Imagine Lisa nabbing some of the songs from VB's cancelled albums. That would've been kind of iconic.
  7. I love this and would add:

    Nathan is fired after the Mandarin incident and replaced as manager by Nan, who obviously being full of it, is well up to the task. After an initial misfire where she encourages Lisa to record a standards album with Max Bygraves, she hits the jackpot and secures Lisa a support act position on Rihanna’s first US tour. However Lisa refuses to go when her mum tells her, “people won’t like you there either”.

    Meehelle becomes increasingly depressed at being continuously mistaken for Victoria Beckingham and has plastic surgery to alter her appearance. Sadly this goes badly wrong and she’s asked to leave Liberty X and has to take a job as a runner on the Flog It! TV show. Her relationship with Andy ends when he and his brothers give up their pop dream and begin a career in gay porn. Andy and the tall hot one do very well. Can’t remember what happened to the other one nobody ever talks about..

    TSL ends in a blaze of publicity when ‘Nan’ is found to be a character actress who isn’t related to the Scott-Lees at all after footage is found of her saying to the director in a posh voice, “What if I slice the biscuits open with a giant knife and topple over a bit, darling? They’ll fucking love that!’
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  8. Dddd what a ridiculous excuse.

    That might work in a live performance, but in a studio recording? If the background singers were singing too loudly... ask them to tone it down a bit. I'm sure someone, at some point, listened to the song after it had been recorded.
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  9. NEED
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  10. This thread resurgence...

    Only an icon.
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  11. Fiona Phillips LOATHES her doesn’t she?!
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  12. I saw reference to a show that followed Andy and Meechelle's wedding but can't find any clips. Wonder if Nana cut the cake? And what role HRH LSL played?
  13. Lisa and Michelle “reuniting” at Lee’s wedding was funny.
  14. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Finally watched this in full and wow, what a ride.

    I really feel for her being set up to fail, it felt like she was being punished for having the "audacity" to want a music career.

    That being said, the ruthless editing on this was nothing short of mindblowing.
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  15. Is it just me or is Lydia Louise a backing dancer in the Electric video? If it is her, Andy is seen chatting to her on the set of the video... could that be the moment they met, sewing the seeds for their future marriage?
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  16. Looking at the video, I do think both the backing dancers look like Lydia, which is funny. They started dating in 2008 immediately after he and Michelle separated. Could be something there.
  17. Yes! It’s her. She said in Big Brother she was in a few music videos back then including this one with Nicki from Girl Thing
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  18. I honestly think Lisa was set up with the editing. It was around the time of boys with guitars being the in thing and pure pop being kicked out. MTV wanted to be cool so really put the boot in.

    Also these Caffe Latte ads are really intrusive and annoying.
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  19. What about when Lisa or Liza as he called her went to see that "Psychic".
  20. OK, but why does he look like the Hollywood Medium in 40 years time?

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