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Totally Scott-Lee

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Happenstance, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. I also envisage further into the series:

    - Lisa meeting Namie Amuro, the queen of Asian pop, backstage at the Asian Music Awards and us getting a precursor to Rhianna's "Who is she??" gif.
    - Nathan thinking he's been invited to participate in the quiz "Pointless Celebrities", but it was actually just a description of him.
    - Tony, the Scott Lee father, being very excited and eager to go to Thailand but then regrets this after a compromising incident with some Thai boys/girls. The Scott Lee's, whilst embarrassed, are also grateful for all the publicity and attention.
    - The Scott Lee's catching wind that Lisa Kudrow's "The Comeback" was heavily based on Totally Scott Lee and try to sue Ms Kudrow. A settlement is reached where Lisa is now a reoccurring character on the show, and the show features music only from the TSL company. Lisa thus tries to break America...
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Yeah that was not... it.
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  4. ........53% said NO.
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  5. "best o' luck"
  6. Rob


    I had no idea Guy Chambers wrote Electric, it was such a polarizing choice of single. What kind have been if she'd released something more instant like Never Or Now or I'm Burning.
  7. I listened to Electric for an ironic kii and actually kind of enjoyed it?
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  8. Too Far Gone and Lately were Kylie-esque bops.
  9. Lately is incredible and should have been a huge smash.
  10. The theme tune alone is BRUTAL.
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  11. I loved Electric.

    I have to laugh every time Lisa is going on about her career and then camera pans over to Michelle Heaton to catch her bored expression!
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  12. Imagine you've got somebody on your show trying to plug a single and you show that clip! Somebody on GMTV really wasn't here for her, were they?
  13. Only on GMTV?

  14. Nana is truly the gift that keeps on giving!
  15. Great to see some ‘new’ Nan!
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  16. That GMTV performance was anything but electric though, c'mon.

    She seemed so deflated in that interview, bless her. It can't have been a nice position to be in but then... she put herself in it to begin with so it's hard to feel too sorry for her.
  17. I'd be all here for a new series of this show. Haha.
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  18. "I genuinely feel for Lisa. Because she..."
    "Well I don't, mate. I don't feel that fucking sorry for her."
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  19. Definitely worth watching part 2 to the end for a classic Nana line!
  20. Im cringing at those set up paparazzi shots with Michelle, Andy and Lisa playing cricket haha. Jesus. It's so bizarre to think celebs or their management used to organise these things. Is this how Geri used to get all that press before a single release?
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