Tove Lo - Dirt Femme (Extended Cut)

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I can never choose between Lady Wood and Blue Lips as her best release but she doesn't have even a subpar album. Queen of the Clouds has had a remarkable amount of staying power despite being her 'weakest', the entire run of Moments through Habits is incredible.
I feel like Lady Wood has the more polished expensive sounding production and Blue Lips is less curated but it's an emotional rollercoaster and has better hooks/melodies overall.
It depends in the vibe you're in when you're listening
I'm super excited for this album. She's one of the few pop artists that I see really putting some extra attention on her albums as a full package deal and I love that about her.
Why is the superior Video version with that extra middle 8 only available at Russian Yandex Music??

The Yandex Music version seems to be a demo/earlier version since it’s missing the ad-libs and some extra production.

I can’t figure out why the bridge is missing when it’s included on the Apple Music lyrics and her performances, but maybe there’s an extended mix coming.
They way this is incredible, an instant classic and easily an 11/10, but still isn't in my top 5 from her. Whew!

The way it builds into a banger without losing it's tenderness is masterful! I echo that this simultaneously feels like signature Tove Lo, yet also peak "crying on the dancefloor Robyn". And the concept and execution of the video is the perfect compliment.

Between Tove, Charli and Carly I'm really feeling so nourished by the "not big enough to be BPG" pop girls.
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