Tove Lo - Dirt Femme (Extended Cut)

I managed to get tickets in the first row of the seated section because I don't have it in me to line up for a queue for hours anymore to stand on the floor. That and hopefully so I can meet Slayyyter at the table before Tove starts and still have a spot.
Gosh all these snippets sound amazing. Kinda gutted that I won't be able to catch her on tour this time around since I'm moving to Europe in the winter, when she's coming to the US, but I already got to see mom twice this summer so I'm good.
Can't believe this album is actually coming out.
Call On Me sounds huge and the other tracks sound great too. It has the potential to be her best album and I already like it more than Sunshine Kitty so yay me.

Edit: ah she's revealing the songs backwards on Twitter so that by tomorrow they will all be previewed and ordered just like in the album tracklist when scrolling down. The mind of a mastermind.