Tove Lo - Dirt Femme (Extended Cut)

Bops on bops on bops last night... she should be at least twice (more like six times) as big as she is, but there was also something perfect about seeing her in a smaller venue with the club-like staging and lighting, she was in her element and owned it.

I think LA crowds can be tough, people often put on an affect of disinterest, but having hundreds of people go off to disco tits really was a moment.

Shoutout to the LA king @lushLuck for securing tickets!
Anyone received the vinyl, and know if "2 Die 4" and "No ones dies from love" are the extended versions or just like the ones on streaming?
I know saying her name is a bit of a meme but Kimmel was the first time I actually heard it spoken and I've been saying it wrong all these years. I was saying Tove like Dove but apparently I was wrong.
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