Tove Lo - Dirt Femme (Extended Cut)


This stripped EP is doing wonders for me. Grapefruit absolutely smacks with that melancholic piano.
It's kinda insane how she went from one huge hit to a certified popstar with 5 amazing albums under her belt in less than 10 years. I'll admit, when I first heard Habits I was worried she would end up being a one hit wonder. But then she went and outdone herself so many times I already lost the count.
Even her album tracks or random one off songs are great. For instance, the heavily underrated Scars:

Or Jealousy:

Or Love Ballad:

Or Paradise:

It's almost impossible to make a 10/15/20 tracks Best of Tove Lo. It means leaving behind so many good songs.

I love Too-veh Luh
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That sounds MASSIVE, oh my

Lala like you I lalala like you