Tove Lo - Dirt Femme (Extended Cut)

This is so good
Is there a song she could make that I wouldn't swoon over?
Also hearing the iio/Rapture-iness of it. A mash up would sound nice.

I think I'd rather this be a start to a new album.
Borderline was a bit Dirt Femme-y sound wise, but this sounds like a new era to me.
Yeah, this is fantastic. I know it's probably asking for a lot, but would love if she did something similar to Shygirl's Nymph_o where instead of just tacking on the new songs and long overdue extended versions to the back of the album, she actually weaved them in through the whole record.
sorry but this one did not amaze me... it sounds like one of the mediocre features she did for various djs... still a good song but after Borderline, I was waiting for my wig to be snatched. it's securely on my head....