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Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Dec 21, 2021.

  1. RMK


    Figured since she's been posting a lot of 2022, it's time for a new thread.

    Some song titles:
    No One Dies From Love
    Cute & Cruel

    Anyone know who she's been working with? All her sessions with Charli didn't end up on CRASH, so that's something to potentially look forward to.
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  2. Really interested to hear what she does next. She doesn’t have a bad album to her name and always serves something different on each album.
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  3. I’ve been listening to Lady Wood today. She really doesn’t have a bad album.
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  4. Do we know for sure that’s the case? Charli’s tweet about CRASH collaborators only included producers and features, not songwriters (such as Noonie Bao, who also was not on the list but definitely was involved in the album). Either way, perched for this! We’re due some more horny/moody bops
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  5. Sans Sweat from the Charli/Tove sessions, I hope more tracks materialise. Anything Ms Lo puts out is *chef's kiss* & she always gives a solid album listening experience.
  6. I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of Sunshine Kitty, Lady Wood and Blue Lips are much better albums in my opinion and she executed them perfectly, but I’m always looking forward to new music from Tove. Her quality control is absolutely immense.
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  7. Sam


    I spent a good half hour scrolling through her TikTok account today, came across Don’t Say Goodbye and now I’m really fucking ready for a new Tove album. I can’t believe Sunshine Kitty came out almost 3 years ago???
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  8. Here for something "a bit darker".
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  9. “hey you got drugs? part ii” would be incredible.
  10. RMK


    She was really releasing albums left and right it felt like since she debuted in 2014, so the gap between Sunshine Kitty and this project is intriguing.
  11. I’d be happy with something as dark as Blue Lips again.

    Sunshine Kitty felt like it was needed to break things up a bit but I’m happy for her to go darker.
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  12. Next week!
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  13. New song on the Euphoria soundtrack! Honestly was expecting the lead for her album, but hey, get a bag, Ebba!

  14. The production oh my god
  15. RMK


    Ah. Reading it back, I guess her wording was purposefully vague in that initial post. Euphoria is such a huge platform, glad she got this opportunity. Maybe it'll fit the album.
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  16. Bop!
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  17. It’s out in New Zealand now - what a beaut!
  18. RMK


    The song was released with the imprint Queen of the Clouds, under licensing to Interscope... This means we may have had a label change!
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