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Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Dec 21, 2021.

  1. Sam


    it had that “most recent single” sheen
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  2. hey you got drugs? remains her best song but she's one of those artists where I could look at five different top 10 song lists and agree with all of them.
  3. I'd be hard pressed to choose what song of hers is her best song because she constantly produces quality. I can tell you some of my favorite songs, however. But those are not the same.
  4. The delicious pop melodrama of ‘are the memories too stained with blood now’. Mmm yes.
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  5. -M-


    The way I just know this will be pretty much on repeat for weeks to come. She really served her best lead and one of the best songs of 2022 so far.
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  6. I still stand by "How Long" being a propulsive, delicious slice of pop. However, despite it being out for longer than "No One Dies from Love," both songs benefit from being amazing upon very first listen.

    My Tove Lo Top 3 still remains (in no specific order) "Mateo," "Bikini Porn," and "hey you got drugs."
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  7. RMK


    Ugh, "Mateo" is the song of the millennium
  8. It was said before, but bears repeating: this is PROPER popstar shit. Wow.
  9. The taste! We don't talk enough about how brilliant Bikini Porn is tee bee aich.
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  10. Mateo is her best song.
  11. This is fucking insane. She did it again!
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  12. I could not agree with this more. How Long is amazing. This is amazing. And three 11s right there!
  13. How Long is definitely one of her best.
  14. Love the video, it's giving 365. Can't wait for the album!
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  15. I've listened to the Sunshine Kitty album a total of one time when it first came out, and I just happened to prefer Blue Lips to it so I didn't give it more spins. But I listened to Mateo just now after all your posts...
    Definitely adding this to my regular playlist.
  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Oh wow, that chorus,,
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  17. Yeah, she always brings it.
  18. The video for this is the best I've seen in, well, years.
  19. Hyped up by the comments. Somewhat underwhelmed by the song.
    The video is great. The song just isn't doing a lot for me.
  20. I didn't know she's indie now. She can't possibly fund that whole video by herself?? The Swedish Arts Grants Committee came through again!
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