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Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Dec 21, 2021.

  1. The way she just reliably delivers hook after a hook. Those adlibs in the chorus, the production, the video. I'm so glad we have her.
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  2. Do we know when the album is coming out? any possible date?
  3. I really hope the album version has the bridge. It has to. Is it going to be no?.
  4. The death grip this song has on me. Fingers crossed we get to hear from Tove x Charli songwriting magic.
  5. I cannot stop listening to this.
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  6. Best pop release of 2022 so far.
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  7. A HQ version of the video version? a demo? with less background vocals and the middle 8 intact leaked.
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  8. She said the Fall. Sunshine Kitty was late September so I’d bet on roughly the same.
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  9. Sam


    it’s a fan edit I believe? Sounds fully mixed and mastered
  10. She never lets us down. It's a serve, your honor!
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  11. Roulette's power and influence
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  12. I’ve been living under a rock and not really heard much of her material before.

    But this is absolutely sensational and THAT video. Wow.
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  13. This mixed with Robyn and Angele 'Bruxelles Je t'aime'. Delicious.

    What is with that abrupt ending though, release the video version please.
  14. Opened my page and...

    NO oNe dIes fRom lOVE

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  15. It's a serve, and it makes me want to play The Girl and the Robot
  16. Is it just me or is the version on Spotify ends very abruptly?

    It sounds like it's meant to transition into another song...
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  17. The video elevates an already great great song. She’s always so consistently good.
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  18. I love everything about the song and video. She did it again! How Long was on repeat for weeks too.
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  19. Sam


    Revisiting Sunshine Kitty out of excitement for ha again. Such a bulletproof album
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