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Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Dec 21, 2021.

  1. Tove always serves me an album that I end up using and abusing for years…every single one of her albums are still in pretty regular rotation on my playlists. I’ve no doubt this one will be the same. She just gets it.
  2. 2 Die 4 is going to kill me.
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  4. I’m glad she brought it forward. We’re ready mom.
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  6. Just came out from her Barcelona gig. A bloody star, she is. I danced my arse off and cried and sang at the top of my lungs and she was on top form, she gave us everything, sweat from head to toes (no pun intended), showed us her tits, and the setlist was all killer.

    I was already a big fan but I’ve come out of it a devoted one.

  7. The way we’ve heard so much and we’ve got three months still to go ddd. Her best album on the way though? Sources indicate yes.
  8. This album is shaping up to be everything I wanted from Tove Lo.
  9. Yeah I really do think that this album is going to be up there with her best, and a revelation, and that's not just my insane stannage for this woman speaking. Just the three songs we have so far, plus the snippets, point to something truly great. Unless literally every other song on this album is complete shit, we're in for one of the albums of the year.
  10. After Dirt Femme, I wouldn’t mind a short A.G - Danny L Harle album.

    It’s my dream for every pop girl leave me beeeee
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Official single cover for 2 Die 4!
  13. Her Istanbul show was AMAZING! Queer-heavy crowd was great, mid-way it started raining and a few songs later it started pouring down but it wasn't cold. They cut a few songs (True Disaster and Mateo was sad to lose), rushed to Habits, during which everyone was soaking wet and dancing under the summer rain. We heard the opening of No One Dies From Love but then they stopped because there was so much lightning going on in the air. Overall it was a great experience and 2 Die 4 sounds like it is 2 Die 4! Circuit BCN and Xlsior Mykonos will make use of it, I'm sure.
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  14. I really am not vibing with the annoying sample on '2 Die 4'. She's set my expectations way too high with 'No One Dies For Love'.
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  15. It got better for me, but my first thought was “Crazy Frog”…
  16. It's your fault not being old and an 80s kid!
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  17. Another hit.
  18. Sounds absolutely massive.
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