Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

I knew it was going to be good, but holy shit.

For some reason, the visualiser is an earlier demo mix. They really beefed it up for the final version which is heavenly. Also, she’s shooting the actual video in a couple weeks.

Her best album is most definitely on the way, no questions asked.

Thank Goodness, because her walking in the desert and just walking... wasn't really doing it for me. I do respect the fact that she's doing this with probably not the biggest budget though.
She / Her
I hadn't heard any snippets or leaks of this so imagine my surprise when that sample appeared.

This is a bop but I don't find it as incredible as everyone else dd.
Get into the streaming version! It's quite a bit slappier than the version in the video.

Also let's not act like global icon and innovator Crazy Frog did not alter the course of electronic music!
Has she confined that there is a short film esthetic or execution to this project? If so then the story is confusing…

Lady falls for a robot, falls for another robot, then wanders through the desert for many MANY days.