Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

Tove Lo will always be one of my favorites, but I still have trouble matching the forum reaction in thinking these are some of her best cuts ever. Good songs? Yes. Topping the highs of her previous efforts? Not sure.

She's holding back the best on the album, I'm sure.
Her team finally switched the audio out removing the extended first verse version. It's fascinating to me we have demos of both No One Dies from Love and 2 Die 4, and both came out within a day or two of the final version.
Fantastic output per usual from her, my only criticism is that the sampling was completely underused. To not have the chorus ride THAT beat was homophobic.
The way the first third-ish of the song builds up and the sample sneaks its way into the (pre)chorus before the incredible use of the sample? The abrupt ending with no outro?


If they leveraged the sample just a little more (I'd love if it ran through the entire second pre-chorus) I'd be dead, I fear.
Pretty sure it was stated early on that they’d be on the deluxe vinyl. Can’t remember the account, but they seemed to be reliable?
I’m pretty sure she just meant the digital deluxe. The deluxe vinyl has the same tracklist on one disc (if it’s 2LP that would indicate there’s extra tracks).
Which was the third main single that had a Septemberish release date? 2 Die 4 was moved forward so I assume that will be too.