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Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Dec 21, 2021.

  1. It’s giving the CRASH rollout in that… not a lot is really going on ddd. However, I have total faith that (just like CRASH) the album will be worth the wait.

    We’re finally nearing the six week phase.
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  2. Commanders in the Hundred Years' War

  4. Wow, they really are putting all their effort into this campaign and single.

    It's too bad the song had been released so early, because I think the momentum of the song itself has sort of fizzled out, now knowing how 'lackluster' the song kind of is.

    But go awf Ms. Lo.
  5. Sam


  6. She's dropping the video on my birthday! How considerate of her.
  7. That looks great. Does it scream small budget? Sure, but Tove exhudes POPSTAR.
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  9. She's serving, your honour
  10. Ugh she just gets it.
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  11. LOVE the video - that flower on her head !? GORGEOUS!
  12. Me trying to figure out which Estonian spa she filmed this in. Also most names in the credits are Estonian. We love her.
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  13. She just does it every. fucking. time. UGH I love this so much.
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  14. Is there any new info on when I'm To Blame drops? Since the date for 2 Die 4 was moved up by a whole month and we got the video around the time of the actual date, I hope it comes before September 23.
  15. She really is stunning. Like she’s gotten more beautiful over the years while I’m over here looking like an extra from ‘The Walking Dead’.
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  16. Both videos are 11/10s and the songs are some of her career highlights… I love her!!!

    …But the constant teasing of extended versions of her songs that aren’t on streaming… I hate her!!!
  17. So frustrating...
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  18. Another song another video with an extended mix. Release them Tove!!!
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  19. Viewed this for the first time on my phone just now, which isn’t ideal I know, but it didn’t hit for me. The editing & concept is a bit all over the place? Not dancing in front of any headlights was a bit of a missed opportunity imo. An endless amount of gorgeous photos & gifs to be scooped from it though, and the added verse! AGAIN!! Such a tease. It remains a bop, perched for the next one.
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