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Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Dec 21, 2021.

  1. Yeah - I get the constant news coverage. I think that was always inevitable but banning any sort of media with the word "die" in it is a bit ridiculous.
  2. "Die Young" deserved better too.
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  3. RMK


    I understand the Die Young panning more.
  4. The vinyl is up for pre-order on Amazon UK now.

    The CD is on there too available on release day.
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  5. £18 for a 12 track CD. In this economy? Momma?
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  6. And £35 for a single-disc Vinyl? No mention of a fancy colour or gatefold or anything? Absolutely not (it is listed as an import item, so maybe cheaper U.K. stock will show up at some point).
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  7. I’m to Blame is coming at midnight, it’s out there.
  8. I spent the whole song waiting for it to go somewhere. It could've been an interlude.
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  9. She is really testing me with not wanting to release Call on Me.
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  10. Grapefruit is the song girls. Just you wait.
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  11. They’re pushing it as the album single with a dual release with SG. Let’s hope it takes off like it pops off.
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  12. RMK


    I'm to Blame is really good - probably my favorite so far.
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  13. Sam


    It’s not on Apple Music in the UK? Strange
  14. It’s not out in the US either. Maybe some timed release nonsense.
  15. Has she said anything about the song being released? I know it was originally meant to come out today but I wonder if the date changed and it was a mistake to be released in some places?
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  16. Yeah I think this is probably a mistake. It was originally scheduled for today but the ATRL insiders had said she’d cancelled anymore pre release tracks after 2 Die 4.
  17. Why is the wait for the album so long? I feel like she really missed her chance to strike when there was a lot of interest. Now it just feels like "Okay...?"
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  18. Yes, despite How Long & No One Dies From Love being among my favourite songs of 2022 my hype & anticipation for the album peaked months ago. The album should have been out July at the latest, October just makes the campaign seem like a slog.
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  19. Yeah I can’t believe this album doesn’t come out for almost another month. No One Dies… came out in May. And we’ve already heard almost half the album at this point.
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  20. Album campaigns end with the release of the album nowadays so the long rollout is probably the reason for this.
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