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Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Dec 21, 2021.

  1. Sam


    The website wouldn’t let me order the disco tits sweater so I ordered the deluxe Dirt Femme vinyl instead hehe
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  2. Why does she never stop serving? Take a day off!!!
  3. Why did they make her look like the lady who sang Shallow on the tube?
  4. Omg
  5. Legends supporting legends.
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  6. Does anyone have access to the full interview? Dd
  7. That stripped back version of No One Dies From Love is so beautiful!
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  8. Sam


    We truly do not deserve her
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  9. When popstars enjoy being popstars <3
  10. I have been slowly but steadily become obsessed with this album , it’s literally utterly brilliant
  11. She's back in the studio with the Struts on her story.
  12. Both of them? Jakob Jerlström is credited on a lot less of her recent material.
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  13. RMK


    Just Ludvig. I don't recall her mentioning Jakob much recently either.
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  14. Ah, then it was just A Strut. I wonder why they don’t work together anymore?
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  15. Guess I'm picking up Paper this weekend

    Interview by Troye. She says she'll write the next album while on tour and she has another song she's just finishing up to put out before the US leg (which begins Feb). Queen of keeping us well fed!
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  16. OK, but can she also give us the 'extended' versions of 2 Die 4 and No One Dies From Love in the meantime?
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  17. Link to the PAPER Magazine interview:

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  18. New co-write for UPSAHL:


  19. Main pop girl, deserves her own thread.
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