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Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RMK, Dec 21, 2021.

  1. September is like four months away. Must we be reminded of CRASH’s rollout?

  2. Tuck in!
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  3. Wow bop.
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  4. I love her so much.
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  5. She’s indie now and we still have to do a five month wait between lead single and album? Sigh.

    Meanwhile, the song is perfect. She doesn’t miss!
  6. Not even through the first listen and
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  7. WOW. Incredible song and video but.... are we even shocked at this point?
  8. She never misses.
  9. RMK


    It's good, but it'll probably take a few listens. Glad He's Gone was the same way, too. Perched for this roll out.. Waiting months is never bad with her, we'll get two or three singles until release.
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  10. The song is obviously killer (what’s new?), but the video just dials it up to a whole other level. The whole robot love/365 by way of 70s Swedish cinematics concept is just… chef’s kiss! When she betrays Annie at the end… I felt that.

    Also here’s hoping for an extended mix that includes the “watching movies” bridge from the video. It shows in the lyrics on Apple Music so maybe it was a mistake upload.
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  11. Wait...why the hell does the streaming version have no bridge?

    The extended version in the music video better be up on Apple Music/Spotify asap sis.
  12. Oh gurl.
    This song is it. The lyrics, the production, the video, her voice. I'm obsessed.
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  13. I think this might be my favorite Lead of hers and one of the best of the year. Fucking incredible. The music video is another level as well, obsessed and I need more people working with Alaska Filmes.

    The single covers looks funnier now that there's no connection to the music video at all. Thought it was a Still.

    Apple Music shows the bridge lyrics even thought it's just instrumental.
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  14. I want the whole damn cake if this piece is so tasty. A giant sonic jump from Sunshine Kitty.
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  15. She NEVER fails
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  16. I feel like after she was Grammy nominated for the Glad He's Gone video she really put some money into this one and it paid off! (If you'll pardon the pun)
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  17. Her keywords for the album being grand, cinematic and dramatic. Words to live by.

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  18. Oh my god. The absolute emotional gut punch of how the video ends!!!
  19. Love this, she can do no wrong.
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