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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Not off the top of my head, no. When I try hard Cool Girl is all I can conjure up and that was a bit meh for me.
  2. Don’t Talk About It remains the unsung hero of Lady Wood. Absolutely immense with those cascading synths that come in for the second chorus.
  3. Both were mixed bags for me, although there were moments in each song. Few stood up to the quality of the singles, including “shedontknowbutsheknows”.
  4. Blue Lips was much more instant for me. Lady Wood took at least a dozen listens for me to truly appreciate and fully enjoy each song. I remember thinking it was a complete dud except for 3 songs back in 2016 ddddd.
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  5. While y’all debate I shall have a discography re-listen.
  6. Lodie Wüd is a better album than it's generally given credit for (better than Queen of the Clouds, frankly) but it's also a bit...homogenous? Blue Lips is a much more rewarding listen as a unit for me.
  7. I still wish she would do a physical release for Blue Lips, better late than never
  8. Queen of the Clouds is easily her weakest. I’m firmly in the camp that Lady Wood and Blue Lips are both great.

  9. This deserves more credit, I feel.
  10. Out of Mind is sensational.

    Queen of the Clouds definitely followed a formula - subdued verses sung in a very low register, big explosive choruses. It wasn't varied enough (once you get past My Gun and Like Em Young anyway) but it was a very solid debut. I'm still a bit mad she didn't include Over. What a song.
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  11. I actually think QoTC is her 2nd best album but that's most likely because I have a special spot for it over most albums in general.
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  12. My response for Lady Wood was quite cold but I appreciate it fully now, Blue Lips was more instant from unknown reasons. Both are great body of works and she was keeping quality control there, I really hope she can mantain it and I feel like she will.
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  13. Honestly she doesn’t have a truly terrible album. I would say Queen Of the Clouds is her weakest but its success set up expectations for Lady Wood that she didn’t hit. When Cool Girl came out I was hooked and I enjoyed the project despite everyone being “meh” about it. Blue Lips is definitely her best album though. We are about to get her fourth album and she only broke out just five years ago, queen of output!
  14. K94


    Lady Wood is her least good - the first half kinda blends into one and is far too-self conscious (though I still love Cool Girl). Blue Lips is her best - incredibly well-crafted and puts all sides of Tove together really well.
  15. Wet Lips / Hard Wood right now - I cannot wait for her again, especially after Zara's Don't Worry About Me.
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  16. Blue Lips is definitely the one I return to the most but honestly she’s like Lana in that the quality between her releases is so high that it’s nearly impossible for me to choose a favorite. They’re all incredible in their own ways and I’m sure the upcoming record will be the same. She’s one of my favorite voices in Pop right now.
  17. Influence, Lady Wood, Cool Girl Vibes, Don’t Talk About It, Keep It Simple and WTF Love Is always scalp me every time.

    I particularly love the part of the mini films for Lady Wood and WTF Love Is
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  18. Hey, You Got Drugs? is certainly her best song and may end up the song of her career. I was completely floored the first time I heard it.
  19. Guy


    Let’s not forget she has at least an album’s worth of features and soundtrack singles that are just as amazing

  20. Say It with Flume is probably her best feature.
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