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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Imagine thinking that readying your fourth album in five years, alongside many soundtrack appearances/collaborations and several extended video projects is lazy...
  2. Whew I’m ready.
  3. Yasssss!

    Also everyone needs to check out Mood, issa huge bop.

  4. Not only we're getting new song with Diplo this week, but she's already making single/album cover!!

    On top of that she's politely replying to rude fan calling her lazy (?!?)

    We don't deserve this woman. She needs to be cherished.
  5. Remember when the tracklist came out before we hadn't heard anything and everyone was sharpening their claws and circling the carcass for "hey you got drugs?" only for her to deliver THAT?

  6. Hearing “Win Win” on Diplo Radio, and it’s a beautiful slice of moody, dark dance.
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  7. Is this a Camelphat remix or did Dippers really just rip off their entire sound nn
  8. It’s officially out now
  9. its great - makes me wanna pop my 2nd Molly at 3 AM at a warehouse in downtown LA
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  10. Oh that is EXCELLENT.
  11. I swear everything Tove touches becomes an instant hit with me.
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  12. Yeah this is really good. Can't wait to hear it in a getting lit scenario.
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  13. New solo music this month. Excited for the “new direction,” I know she’ll deliver.
  14. I’m expecting dark, hard hitting electronic beats especially since she’s worked with Flume and Finneas

    Scalp us all, Tove.
  15. Win Win is rather nice.
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  16. ‘Win Win’ is scalping me today. I’m surprised we’re getting new music as soon as this month but I’ll take it.
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  17. She was on stage with Jax Jones last night in L.A. Hopefully his next single?
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  18. Is this what Diplo sounds like these days?
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