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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Really? It sounds just like Tove to me. Oops.
  2. You can hardly tell them apart. But ALMA is a pro at adapting her vocals. It's probably why she's doing all of Miley's demos.
  3. I feel like both Alma and Kylie adapt really well here and both end up sounding similar to Tove. Influential vocal legend.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This is a great album, nothing quite hitting the highs of Blue Lips but it’s pretty good. It has bucket loads more personality than Lady Wood.
  5. In SF for work and I’ve been biking around the city and over the Golden Gate Bridge listening to this over and over. What an album. I really love how the production has taken a backseat to show how strong the songwriting is.
  6. I get debut era Madonna from quite a bit of this, actually. The synth line in Sweettalk My Heart is very Borderline.
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  7. All of her albums take a minute to click with me and this one is no different. Everything is pretty great throughout though. Her discography is so consistently great.

    With that being said, Jacques is the one I’m currently obsessed with. What a fucking BOP.
  8. You need to take a pit stop at my place?
  9. Well she definitely released the best songs first. The rest is not doing much for me unfortunately.
  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Lady Wood and Blue Lips sorta passed me by so I'll need to revisit them, but Glad He's Gone snuck up on me out of nowhere and became one of my favourite singles of the year, to the point where I didn't even listen to the other pre-release songs because it was giving me all that I needed. So that being said, I'm in love with this album after two listens. Everything is sharp, catchy, overflowing with hooks, and so, so good. It definitely lived up to the promise of Glad He's Gone for me personally.
  11. Listened to this on the way to work earlier and loved it, front to back.
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  12. Have I listened to this album 3 times today? Perhaps.
  13. You guys, Shifted.
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  14. She's got such a perfect voice for pop. Her tone is so lovely and emotive.
  15. I love every song on here. Tight melodies, a consistent delicious mix of pop gold.

    And her videos have really been great this era.

    Favourites are Glad He's Gone, Bad as the Boys, Are you gonna tell her and Anywhere u go.
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  16. I’m madly obsessed with “Jacques.”
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  17. A very solid album. I'm already obsessed with so many songs.
  18. Me to my schoolmates in 1989 when they stopped listening to Madonna and started stanning Kylie and Paula Abdul.
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  19. The sultry boppage of Jacques makes me want to go out and find the nearest generic inoffensive white guy and
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  20. Lovely album. I agree that it feels somewhat smaller and more intimate than her previous ones but that is not necessarily a bad thing.
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