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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. I only watched it today... Glad He’s Gone wasn’t one of my favourites so I never bothered.
  2. Last night I saw her here in Buenos Aire, and oh my god, she's just PHENOMENAL. It was my first time seeing her and I'm absolutely thrilled. It kinda surprised me how complete the setlist was? I didn't expect her to sing Thousand Miles, WTF Love Is and my all time favourite hey you got drugs? at all. I love her.
  3. livid that she's not making that "are you gonna tell her" video available in the US

  4. I hope she wins, it's probably one of my favorite music videos in recent memory.

    edit: ddd why did she post it to Twitter so much later than Instagram?
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  5. So happy about the nomination, video became an instant fave upon first watch. It's one of those rare cases where they get it really right, especially with Cellophane nominated too!
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  6. So glad she got nominated for Glad Hes Gone. The video is epic and deserves some critical acclaim!
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  7. Glad He's Gone is probably one of my least favorite Tove songs, video is amazing tho and I am happy she at least got a nomination for her own work.
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  8. That's just lyric video, they are shooting music video next week.
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  10. I think I may have decided that this is the Album of the Year for me. I'm still not tired of it.
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  11. I was so obsessed with Glad He's Gone when it came out - I really spun the shit out of it and Never Really Over all summer and now I can't really hear either song. I actually think Bad As the Boys is the better single now. But my big keepers from this album are Really Don't Like U and Anywhere U Go.
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  12. So, 2 months later I can say that it is my least favorite Tove album, and the first one I was not obsessed with. I still listen to it regularly, but that's because I worship Tove.
  13. This is definitely her best album.

    High replay value... an absolute triumph.
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  14. No lies detected.
  15. Has anybody ordered the picture disc? I've just had an email to say that dispatch is now expected on 13th December.
  16. Double single Bikini Porn / Passion & Pain out this month.

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  17. Love the hair.
  18. I'm still not over how good Sunshine Kitty is and she's already releasing new music?
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