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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

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    Her song title game is unmatchable.
  2. It doesn't get any more Tove Lo than that does it.
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  3. Keeping the girls fed.
  4. Very nice! Love “Sunshine Kitty” from start to finish and looking forward to more.
  5. She really won’t let us breathe. I’m still recovering from the hypnotic greatness of Stay Over.
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  6. If she keeps her current setlist on the NA leg... my poor scalp
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  7. The thing is I can't think of very many songs I don't want to hear on the setlist. Whatever she brings to the NA leg I will take happily. Her discography is simply that incredible.
  8. Does this mean a new album could be imminent when my rate is due to start soon nn
  9. I got around to listening to Sunshine Kitty in full (my first Tove Lo album) after hammering Glad He’s Gone since September of last year. Glad He’s Gone remains my favourite but Stay Over is a close second, it’s definitely thee bop of the album. Interestingly I found the collaborations the weakest parts, Are U Gonna Tell Her is my least favourite song here by far. Only the ALMA & Jax Jones collabs are worth keeping (maybe controversial since I’m sure the Kylie song is popular around here). The strongest run for me is the final 3 songs which really drive home the vibe of the album as a whole and sound fantastic in sequence.

    Overall I enjoyed the majority and it’s made me interested to delve into her past albums. I think I’m going to go back and listen in chronological order.
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  10. aux


    Both of the new tracks were co-written with FINNEAS, wig.
  11. Brb posting something on Instagram today just so that I can use the 'Passion & Pain tastes the same when I'm Weak' caption first dd.
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  12. I actually... checked your insta. Nada.
  13. K94


    Whew the titles, the efficiency, the lyric snippet showing more ability than the rest of the kids' careers - we are PrEPed!
  14. Every girl signing a contract needs to ask to get the same deal as Tove. Her consistent release schedule is just awe inspiring. I love that her label are so understanding and trusting even if she isn’t producing huge hits.

    I adore her.
  15. I had already posted :(
  16. Can not believe we're getting more music already. I wish everyone was like her.
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  17. Her lead single for albums/eras have been becoming moments so I'm here for this. Sunshine kitty is still in heavy rotation and I don't plan on stopping.

    Perched for another smash!
  18. The two songs are out early.
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  19. Can’t wait to listen it the second I get in home.
  20. Bikini Porn manages to sound like an extension of Sunshine Kitty and a mild evolution after that album, but it ends too early.
    Passion & Pain Taste The Same When I'm Weak is a gorgeous ballad that reminded me how much I love her voice, and fits the sound with Bikini Porn.
    I'm so fucking excited for whatever this will be.
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