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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. 'Bikini Porn' is a proficient (if slightly rudimentary, for her) bop but I'd like the album to skew more towards 'Passion...' for sure.
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  2. 63EC2AD9-4C00-43F8-A3CF-46AE53753A2E.jpeg
  3. Bikini Porn is wonderful but waaaay too short. Definitely tailored for Spotify.
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  4. The production in the second half of Bikini Porn, holy fuck.

    edit: ew why did it abruptly end like that? 5 minute extended mix please.
  5. Paging @Andy French
  6. The production on both of them is amazing. Finneas is going to be in demand for years.
  7. Both are excellent. Another pop queen keeping us fed, keep it up!
  8. Speaking the damn truth sis.
  9. I genuinely cannot remember the last time any of the girls gave us a b-side. Queen.
  10. Tove giving us multiple albums, singles, promotional songs and b-sides while some of the girls are giving b sides as “albums”.
  11. “Bikini Porn” goes off in the gym.
  12. This is how I feel about the new too. They've very "Tove by numbers", which shouldn't be a bad thing on paper, but admittedly I feel a bit bored with both songs.
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  13. The production (at least on Bikini Porn) is familiar yet something about it is unique enough to keep it interesting. I enjoy both songs but Passion and Pain is definitely more Tove-by-numbers.

    Bikini Porn would slot right into Sunshine Kitty in the section with Equally Lost, Come Undone and Shifted.
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  14. Her music is so consistently good, it’s insane. I’m so excited to see her in concert next month.
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  15. Neither of these songs are overly interesting to me. It’s a shame since Glad He’s Gone is the best thing she’s ever done!
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  16. Both are good, but I'm leaning towards Bikini Porn more, there's just something boppy yet interesting about it.
  17. Sam


    The production on Bikini Porn is just ... *chef’s kiss*
  18. Biking Porn is excellent. It's so good. Hooks everywhere. The production! It's better than a lot of Sunshine Kitty honestly. She and Finneas did that.
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  19. Bikini Porn is a bop but I'm actually liking Passion more, that bass and little production flourishes throughout the whole thing, and when her voice cuts out during the chorus, ugh yas.
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