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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. The new tracks are excellence mama.
    Bikini bop needs and extended outro though.
  2. Bikini Porn is ridiculously good, it’s insane how effective she is at delivering strong melodies: by second listen it felt like the perfect kind of familiar.

    Passion and Pain is great, particularly the production, but it’s the type of song that needs context for me to really appreciate it.
  3. I love both of them. Tove stays feeding us.
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  4. Sam


    I’m kinda not mad at Bikini Porn’s length because it just has so much replay value. I can listen to it on repeat and not realise half an hour’s passed. It’s very intricate too, which only helps.
  5. Im really enjoying both songs. It's nice to have someone who is consistent.
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  6. That small outro in Passion & Pain reminded me of the one in Devil's Don't Fly from Natalia Kills.
    Both songs are good. Nothing groundbreaking but it's amazing how she keeps releasing song after song. I guess it's better to have them out like this than watching your fans hoard and trade then to leak it later.
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  7. Love ‘Bikini Porn’. It’s giving me debut album vibes (I think). I need to obsess more over the weekend.
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  8. Her talent for melody is just incredible. We're lucky to have her.
  9. Made me realize just how few Tove Lo leaks we've had. I think every leak has been a Truth Serum/Queen of the Clouds era track and pretty much all from 2015/16. It's surprising given how active she is and thus how many songs she must have written.
  10. aaaaaaand theres a music video

  11. God the video is going to be an utter serve
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  12. Honestly I'm still scalped from Mateo. Now my skull bones are stripped back to just brain juice.
  13. Passion and Pain is great but also literally a Banks song.
  14. Not taking issue with this because I haven't heard Passion and Pain, but it's kinda hilarious how often I've been hearing this (mostly from Banks stans, but still) since...probably 2016 or so. Most of the girls seem to have at least one song at some point or another reminiscent of Miss Jillian. We stan an underrated influential queen!
  15. Bikini Porn is GREAT. It's crazy how consistent she is. And Finneas is the best pop producer right now, lejos
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  16. Passion and Pain isn't nearly noisy enough for that.
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  17. Not feeling either of these. 'Bikini Porn' with it's na-na-na's and da-da-da's is serving serious demo.
  18. Some of you don’t drink champagne all day and dance around your room naked and it shows
  19. I don't do either of these things for reasons (though I totally would) BUT I still love both songs. Do I get points for that?
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  20. I am really feeling "Bikini Porn" this morning. It just makes me want to dance around.
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