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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

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    I hope she's done more with Finneas. They're a perfect match.
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  2. I need him to do at least half of her next album. Hopefully these two are sign that they have more or will work more together.
  3. Both new songs are great. I like that she's carrying on that brittle, percussive production style of Sunshine Kitty.
  4. If you break my bones, if you br-
    I'ma hurt my soul, I'ma h-

  5. You know if she wants to milk some more money from me she could throw these two new tracks out on a special edition vinyl.
  6. Video is fantastic. I don't know why but I think this could be a hit.
  7. I'm addicted to Bikini Porn now, her knack for making memorable hooks is unmatched.
  8. Relentless pop supremacy. The power. Too much.
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  9. I love that she just keeps adding these solid iconic bops to her repertoire.
  10. Bikini Porn sounds like a continuation of Sunshine Kitty in the best way. She’s hitting her peak right now, for me at least.
  11. Both songs are amazing and go to completely different places. It's amazing how she can construct a solid bop and also make a really deep and impactful song. I love when she goes there with her lyrics, so relatable.
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  12. Guy



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  13. This version is gorgeous. She can do no wrong, maybe?
  14. Eclipse is private on Twitter right now, but he said the 'Are U gonna tell her?' video is coming imminently
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  15. "Passion and Pain Taste the Same When I'm Weak" reminds me of BANKS at her saddest, and it reminds me of xxyyxx's production style. I think... I think I love it more than "Bikini Porn" (which says a lot because I'm stanning the fuck out of that song).
  16. I was shook the other day to find that I received a signed Polaroid from her as part of the album pre-order

  17. I'm sorry if this has been posted before, but this remix is perfection. Just used this on my latest mix, and it's such a moment

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  18. "Passion and Pain Taste the Same When I'm Weak" clicked with me today. I’ve liked it but I just got it.
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