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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Just saw the first show of the Sunshine Kitty Tour. Absolutely amazing.

    Disco Tits was an ethereal experience. Also, she managed to cram a good mix of songs from every album into her set. Scalped.
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  2. Wasn’t going to spoil it but that latter song live my fucking



  3. Here’s the setlist for those who want it

    Gritty Pretty
    Glad He’s Gone
    Bad as The Boys
    Cool Girl
    Are u Gonna Tell Her?
    Talking Body
    Really Don’t Like U
    Disco Tits
    Not On Drugs
    9th of October
    Hey you got drugs?
    True Disaster
    Don’t Talk About It
    Come Undone
    Anywhere U Go
    Out of Mind

    Sweettalk My Heart
    Bikini Porn
  4. Good call, I'll edit my post. But it really was hella amazing.
  5. Saw the spoiled song earlier but expected it anyway so no big deal. Appreciate the setlist being under a spoiler tag though, I wanna be gagged when a random deep cut I stan pops up. I'm so perched to see her in 3 weeks.
  6. Amazing setlist. Only songs I'll really miss are Mistaken and Passion and Pain. Otherwise I'm so so so excited to see her thankfully going London and Paris. I'm ready.
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  7. @Milotic
    To be specific, was that essentially the Ali Payami Remix of “Not on Drugs”? Hope you had a great time; crowd and energy were fabulous!!!
  8. I absolutely love this version but I don't get... why it's out now? Is it like an alternate mix of the song?
  9. I agree, I really miss Mistaken and Stay Over
  10. Im not sure, I'll have to listen! Hope you had a great time as well!

    Now let me chug this red bull and drag my tired ass to work dddd
  11. Guy


    OUT OF MIND?!??!!!?
  12. That's a phenomenal setlist. I love that she's highlighting every era so well. I'll have to check out some videos of the tour when I have time.
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  13. The fact Lady Wood ain’t on the set list but Influence is
  14. Great set list but the exclusion of shedon’tknowbutsheknows is homophobic.
  15. I really don’t understand her obsession with this song, it’s been on all her setlists since the Lady Wood era and it’s a pretty ok song compared to the rest of Lady Wood
  16. Noticed
    Don’t Talk About It
    seemingly tamed crowd and didn’t have many hands in air. Could have easily been switched with another fan favorite?
  17. Yes, like

    Lady Wood or Stranger, even Stay Over
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  18. Ooo, see, I was one of the few getting my life to
    Don't Talk About It.

    Personally, I would've switched
    Come Undone and Anywhere You Go with Stay Over and Equally Lost. But that's just my personal preference ddd
  19. I love Don't Talk About It! Wish I could see her live.
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  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I know she can’t perform everything but it would be a perfect fit between Are U Gonna Tell Her and @Jacques sigh
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