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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. sadder badder cooler is not what I was expecting, but sadly for the worse. A bit of a non-event. But Bikini Porn and I'm Coming easily more than make up for it afterwards, WHEW what a 1-2 punch. Both will easily be in my top 5 streamed songs of 2020.
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  2. Sadder Badder Cooler is that BOP!! I listened to it right after the vocal acrobatics of Lady Gaga and Ariana’s new song and well...there is something about knowing pop for what it is and knowing who you are. Tove Lo is that POP girl!
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  3. I really like all of the new tracks, but they don’t fit as a bunch at the beginning or the end of the album. They should’ve been mixed in with the original album tracks, they feel tacked on in their current arrangement
  4. 2014

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    I'm a sucker for an animated video. I just wish it was for a better song.
  5. Stapling the new tracks to the beginning and end of the album seems like a bizarre choice, especially for someone like Tove Lo.
  6. I adore this! She’s such a pop pro.

    “Heartbreak pays bills” is such a lyric. And so her. I stan!
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  7. This is now one of my favorite videos from her.
  8. A bop is a bop. The video was so fun.
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  9. I feel like the songs add as a prologue, she descends into some weird drunken dream in Passion and Pain and so Gritty Pretty starts and she starts thinking back through these weird memories of her life. I didn’t think Sunshine Kitty needed anything extra but this new version really adds to it for me.
  10. I fucking LOVE 'sadder badder cooler'. Her best song in so long.
  11. You like 8 months?
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  12. More like a couple of years ddd
  13. Tasteless ddd.
  14. Not when the entire Sunshine Kitty album exists, but werk.
  15. I like this more than anything on that whole album.
  16. I think I'm Coming is at least as good as the best the original album has to offer, and Bikini Porn still bops so I'm happy we got this edition. But yeah Sadder Badder Cooler has zero replay value.

    Even Tove doesn't have a 100% hit rate! 98% will have to do.
  17. Especially considering there’s an “intro” song and it’s now... track 5.
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  18. Sadder Badder Cooler is fantastic. Sunshine Kitty is a nice record but I missed some highlights that we had on Blue Lips and Lady Wood.
    The animated music video is also cool. The little plot was predictable yet worked very well. I detected a little shade about white guys dating their clones with the "twin" thing but maybe I'm reaching nn
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