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Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. RMK


    I actually think Sunshine Kitty is my favorite project form her when it's all said and done. It doesn't carry the peaks of Blue Lips, but it's all around so strong and lyrically perfect.

    Sunshine Kitty > Blue Lips > Lady Wood = Queen Of The Clouds
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  2. Lady Wood is still that forever bitch.
  3. Is the Paw Prints Edition a Spotify exclusive? I can't see it on Apple or anywhere else, and the I'm Coming cover being a Spotify studios link up made me think perhaps this reissue was some sort of exclusive deal.

    Apologies if this is already commonly known - I tried to google to answer my own question and couldn't find anything.
  4. It’s on Apple Music, but “hidden”? I managed to find it by looking for “sadder badder cooler” and then clicking on “show rest of the album” or whatever it says when you click on the three dots icon. It’s not on the Tove Lo page with the rest of her albums, for some reason.
  5. I made a mega playlist with re-released album and some extras since I'm not keen on the tracklist of the 'Paw Prints edition'. basically...Tove Lo FED us. Sadder badder cooler is such an earworm.

    Edit: Xenforo won't let me post this playlist apparently dddd

    1. Gritty Pretty - Intro
    2. sadder badder cooler
    3. Really don't like u (feat. Kylie Minogue)
    4. Glad He's Gone
    5. Bad as the Boys (feat. ALMA)
    6. Sweettalk my Heart
    7. I'm Coming
    8. Are U gonna tell her? (feat. MC Zaac)
    9. Stay Over
    10. Jacques (with Jax Jones)
    11. Mateo
    12. Come Undone
    13. Calling On Me (with Sean Paul)
    14. Equally Lost (feat. Doja Cat)
    15. Bikini Porn
    16. Shifted
    17. Mistaken
    18. Anywhere u go
    19. Passion and Pain Taste the Same When I'm Weak

    Spotify link: Here
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  6. Tove performed during ALMA’s digital concert. I can’t tell if it’s pre-recorded or live, but I’d presume it was pre-recorded. Her vocals were fantastic
  7. I’m Coming has really become one of her career highlights for me. It’s so effortlessly breezy and she sounds stunning singing it.
  8. Meanwhile, for me, "Bikini Porn" is officially my favorite song by her ever. I don't know how it ousted "Mateo" and "hey you got drugs," but I cannot get enough of it.
  9. Despite having a fairly bulletproof discography I...think a Tove top 10 is pretty easy?

    hey, you got drugs?
    Don't Talk About It
    Bikini Porn
    Keep It Simple
    Lady Wood
    Glad He's Gone

    Sunshine Kitty is maybe her most consistent album but I've always thought the one-two punch of Lady Wood/Blue Lips resulted in a bit of a conveyor belt of perfect pop songs.
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  10. Bikini Porn
    Disco Tits
    Keep it Simple
    Not on Drugs
    Got Love
    Sweettalk my Heart
    hey, you got drugs?
    Don't Talk About it
    sadder badder cooler
    Thousand Miles

    Is my personal Tove top 10 as of now.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


    Got Love
    Scream My Name
    True Disaster
    Disco Tits
    Bad Days
    Really Don't Like U

    Blue Lips is stellar.
  12. Y'all got me on Disco Tits, probably should've made the cut for me!
  13. shedontknowbutsheknows truly is the one that got away.
  14. This top 3 is so flawless, though. Bikini Porn, Mateo, and hey you got drugs all properly represent how incredible she is.
  15. I suppose I can summon a top 10

    True Disaster
    Lady Wood
    Imaginary Friend
    Really Don't Like U
    Habits (Stay High)
    Cool Girl
    Talking Body
    Anywhere U Go

    Don't ban me for Timebomb.
  16. True Disaster, Moments and Talking Body are her holy trinity. Maybe add Mateo too.
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  17. I just got an email the NL date is cancelled, 9 sept. So I doubt the tour will be rescheduled again...
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