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Tove Styrke

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. It can burn in a dumpster fire.
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  3. She officially has a girlfriend! Lovely to hear.

  4. 2014

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    Ok great but she's giving me Tangled vibes can she release some material while she's got that look THANK YOU
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  5. She’s been in the studio with Sophia Somajo (Swedish songwriter of Robyn’s Time Machine, Britney’s Criminal & more) recently as per both of their Instagram Stories.
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  6. Omg gay queen
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  7. I need her to find the plot again.
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  8. Sway really wasn’t that bad. I think whatever followed a masterpiece like Kiddo was always going to be a bit of a letdown, at least for me anyways.

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  9. On A Level is perfect so of course it was the only one not being released a single nn
  10. Island

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    Sway is one of the better Spotify pop offerings but it would be best if she never goes that route again.
  11. Not to mention her own output, which for me is far superior to these songwriting credits.

    I have missed being enthused about Tove. I am now imagining her recording something similar to Klein Blue and it's getting me there...
  12. I... totally forgot about Sway. Spotify pop wasn't the direction I wanted her to follow post-Kiddo, so I never returned to it after its release.
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    Sway's cute but so underwhelming after Kiddo.
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  14. #justice4whitelightmoment

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  15. I would love for Tove to add some songs from the first album back to the set list. I love Kiddo and Sway, but, song for song, there are more moments of pure pop pleasure in that first album than anything she's done since. One of my very favorite albums of the last decade.
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    Beating On A Better Drum is one of her all time greatest, I'd loooooove to see her perform that one.
  17. Mistakes and Say My Name are brilliant and up there with the best songs from Kiddo, but Sway was only cute. I'm interesting to hear what her music will sound like now that the trends that she was trying to jump on back then have died off dddd
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  18. Acoustic performances of On the Low and BENEE and Gus Dapperton’s Supalonely:

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