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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by laterdanish, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. I've spent the last 2 years buying up this lady's impressive back catalogue - and I must say I'm totally hooked.

    It's a pity she had such a big hit with the appaling "It's A Mystery" as it's so non typical of her work.

    Her albums "The Blue Meaning" and "The Changeling" are dark masterpieces, and her recent work such as "Velvet Lined Shell" is brilliant. Her new group "The Humans" are showing real promise too.

    I recommend the 2 cd best of "Good Morning Universe" as a great intro to this talented and misunderstood musical genius!

    Any other fans here???
  2. Pye


    I'm not such a fan these days although I do keep myself regularly up to date with what Toyah is doing musically. I really liked the Human's single 'We Are The Humans' probably my favorite thing she has done in years.

    'Neon Womb' and 'Computer' are probably my favorite Toyah tracks and I really do love her first two albums 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' and 'The Blue Meaning' and I have a big soft spot for the album 'Minx' *blushes*.

    Toyah in the 80's show Shoestring performing 'Neon Womb'....... brilliant..... I missed this when it was first shown as I was forced to go to youth club instead!

    EDIT I just noticed the clip says it was 1979... I could have sworn it was 1980...oh well.

    I still have the Toyah 1981 annual after all these years!
  3. The Humans album is great - you can get it from

    I'm completely OBSESSED!

    The only complaint Ihave is that she always does dodgy cover versions at her gigs : (

    MInx is my guilty pleasure too! There's an expanded edition available now called "Minx..Plus" : ) Enjoy!

  4. I've got a few of the reissues - Anthem, the '83 one (with Rebel Run and Vow), and Minx. Keep meaning to get the latest compilation, as the one I have is a bit cheap and cheerful!

  5. Pye


    Is that the 2005 CD release of the album? If so I have it, I love that I finally got 'Snow Covers The Kiss' on CD. It's one of my favorite Toyah B-sides and of course great to have the 12" versions of the Bowie esq 'Soul Passing Through Soul' and the stomping 'Don't Fall In Love I Said'.

    What puzzles me is that on the reissue it has 'Over Twenty One' as a album track. It was never on the original vinyl of the album.... I am glad it had been added though.

    Yes, I don't like the dodgy covers she has been doing! I got the live DVD for xmas a couple of years back.
  6. I remember that Shoestring episode as was repeated about a year or so back, but sadly the mooted DVD reissue of the series never materialised (legal hassles, I believe).

    Minx is great! Love the sleeve too...

  7. Pye


    Apparently the outfit she wore on the cover of 'Minx' was a Issey Miyake design. I think Grace Jones also wore some of his clothes. For me Toyah's image was just as important as the music. I loved the image she had around the time of 'Love Is The Law'. The 'Rebel Run' video was stunning, the hair and the Roller skating outfit were out of this world.
  8. I think Only 21 was only available on the cassette version of Minx if I'm correct.....( Geek alert!! )

    I do love the expanded edition - in the photo shoot she looks GORGEOUS!!!
  9. Love Is The Law! I just couldn't think of the title, haha, thanks. Yeah, that was a very strong image, and worked well.

  10. Was listening to Love Is The Law today , "Time Is Ours" is brilliant! She's so underrated ....but I also love her "culty" following.
  11. Pye


    Thanks! So 'Over Twenty One' was only on the cassette version. I only bought Vinyls in the 80's, and never ever bought a cassettes.I never knew the track existed until the CD reissue.

    I need to buy the compilation CDS for the b-sides . I have most of Toyah's 80's singles after the Vow on 12". I need 'I explode' and 'Haunted' on CD! I was totally gutted 'The Vow' never charted so well. I thought the new Black hair and sophisticated look accompanied by a ballad type song was a brave move for her and I personally loved it. 'The Vow' is a truely beautiful song.
  12. YES! The Vow is brilliant, but my fave song/video/image is "Brave New World!" Love the lyrics! Her album "Ophelia's Shadow" is quite the masterpiece also....I'm ADDICTED. Ironically it was Minx Plus that started this 2 years ago!....I just loved the artwork!

    "I'll forget you....I'll move on!" ( Brave New World )
  13. Trying to get Toyah to stop doing covers in her live shows so have started a facebook group "DROP THE COVERS TOYAH!" hope she will focus entirely on her own material for the next live show...we live in hope!

    Please show your support and join up if you can!
  14. Minx is brilliant. I had it on cassette and LP, from Woolworths and Poundstretcher (!) respectively. I have all her albums and stuff but Minx is the best, for me. It's her Diva moment, a bit glossy and sexy but still a tad mental and punky round the edges. It's as sexy as she got.
  15. Pye


    I would like to see Toyah do a tour of her earlier albums say 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' up to 'Minx' and also throw in some b-sides. I don't like the fact she does shows at Butlins and does the casual fan crowd pleasers and the awful covers ( I know that sounds snobby but it's how I feel).

    Anfunny you made me laugh when you said you got 'Minx' on cassette at Woolworths. I remember getting the TV advertised 'Toyah Toyah Toyah' vinyl and the videos in Woolies. I also recollect getting a few Toyah singles in the rather old fashioned Radio Rentals after school!

    My partner really did hate Toyah for about 30 years ( he always calls her the plastic Punk) but recently he has mellowed and he will sit through 'Minx'. I can't get him to stay in the room if I play 'Sheep Farming In Barnet' though... ha ha
  16. Pye


    I have to confess I haven't bought anything Toyah has done since the album 'Desire'. I didn't really like that album to be honest. I did buy the 12" vinyl of the 1994 single 'Now And Then' with the Utah Saints remix. But really nothing has grabbed me enough to make me go out and buy it. I did toy with the idea of getting 'Velvet Lined Shell' and I decided I probably would not really play it.

    'The Good Morning Universe' does look like a good compilation but I have all the songs on the compilation I want anyway.

    I may get the Safari 81- 83 compilation album just so I can have 'I explode' on CD ( I have on vinyl). I have thought about getting the 1979- 1981 compilation for 'Angels And Demons' my favorite track off the Four From Toyah EP, but I think I will wait until I find the albums for about a fiver.

    What's your favorite track on 'The Changling' ? For me it's always been 'The Angel And me' (I just love the build up at the beginning of the track ) Another favorite of mine is the bizarre 'Creepy Room'. Toyah can be quite scary at times..... 'Dawn Chorus' is also a nice little pop song, I was surprised it was not released as a single.
  17. The Changeling is my favorite album , it's a masterpiece! : ) Dawn Chorus is ace. I adore Brave New World, and love the the ethereal qualities of Castaways and Life In The Trees....the album works really well as a whole and I'd love to see it performed in it's entirety with the original band!

    All this talk of Toyah - I had a dream about her last night!

    "Desire" is the only album I haven't got / heard- eagerly waiting it's re release...
  18. Neon Womb is AMAZING.

    Are the tracks on In the Court of the Crimson Queen any good? I'm not really taken by much of The Humans stuff that she's doing with her husband these days.
  19. They're quite mainstream rock...very ballsy! Not experimental enough for my liking, but there are a couple of gems on there! And I really like the artwork/ concept.

    I actually like The Humans album - it's as close to punk as she's gone for a while. She did another project in the 90's called Sunday All Over The World which is also really unique.
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