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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by laterdanish, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Another new song, 'Zoom Zoom'...

    I haven't been following Toyah's lockdown video but I mistakenly clicked on her performing a Sex Pistols cover topless except for what I pray was some latex covering her nips. It was traumatising! Is this what she's been up to all this time?
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  2. Really enjoying both singles so far. Posh Pop is shaping up brilliantly. Can't wait to hear the rest
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  3. Classic Pop have given Posh Pop a fabulous review and named it their best new release of the month. It really feels like she's on the crest of wave, having been overlooked for so long.
    Album out tomorrow. Beyond excited.
  4. Enjoying the new album a lot, listening now on Spotify.
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  5. I don't think that video is good at all. Parts are okay but some of it looks terrible. The song sounds decent though.
  6. Barefoot On Mars is a real standout for me. Stunning.
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  7. Posh Pop has just entered the albums chart at #22. Toyah's highest placing since 1982.
    She's also #1 in the independent chart and #6 in the sales chart.
    A wonderful result.
  8. The Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! reissue is at #11 in the midweek album chart

    (Barefoot On Mars, from Posh Pop, is also at #1 in the Heritage chart this week too)
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  10. The deluxe box looks stunning.

    Intrigued about what they're planning for 'Toyah at the Rainbow' (and probably Drury Lane too)
  11. BBC Four are showing an episode of the drama series ''Second City Firsts'' on Wednesday 20th July at 10.35pm.

    The episode called ''Glitter'' which was first broadcast on November 28th 1976 features Toyah in her first professional role....
  12. Toyah has been announced as a support act on Billy Idol's October UK arena tour.
  13. I'm a complete Toyah newbie really, saw her live earlier this year on her Posh Pop tour because she was playing about 20 minutes walk my house.

    Saw these are out today:

  14. Hi all!
    I think of myself as a Toyah fan but it’s really the safari years and some of her solo output. I’d say I zoned out around Desire. I never really warmed that much to her more polished poppy aesthetic when she went solo. Am I missing out? Can anyone recommend some Toyah music I should be listening too? Pre ordering the new Anthem release has had me re listening to her lately.
    Many thanks!
  15. Her album Prostitute is an incredibly creative and experimental album and it's follow up Ophelia's Shadow is melodic and beautiful.
    Velvet Lined Shell was a more rock tinged mini-album.
    I really enjoyed her latest album Posh Pop too.
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  16. Toyah is re-re-releasing her Crimson Queen album again.
    New version includes this Grace Jones cover.

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  17. This is camp. I really like this version but this seems like a bizarre release. Why not save it for a new album and let the Crimson Queen rest, Toy?
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  18. £££££.
  19. I'd like a new album to be entirely original material, as Posh Pop was.
    I do love this cover though, and as Toyah was the original demo singer on the track, I'm glad she's come full circle with the song now.
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