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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by laterdanish, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Pye


    Yes I agree I was expecting more tracks along the lines of 'We Are The Humans' which I really like..... the rest is not really my thing.

    I no longer own 'Desire' I must have given it away, I Still have my 12" singles of 'Echo Beach' and 'Moonlight Dancing' though.

    Isn't 'Desire' the album she was not totally happy with? I remember reading her autobiography ' Living Out Loud ' and thinking this was a period when she was not very happy with the way the record company were forcing her to cover songs in order to have a hit single? I shall have to read the bloody book again to find out. I am sure she said covering 'Loves Unkind' was a step to far..... I wonder if she will sing it again at one of her Butlins shows ?(Meow)

    I have had no Toyah dreams recently but I had a Belle Stars one a few weeks a go due to this forum! ha ha
  2. It hardly seemed to get much promotion, once Echo Beach had stalled. A CD copy of that now must surely be quite expensive!? (don't worry, I've done that several rid of an album in haste, then seen its value explode years later haha).

  3. Desire may be getting a re-issue soon... I shall consult my contact and report back!
  4. I can conform that Dreamchild is getting re-released next, then Desire... watch this space...
  5. Eugh, really? Dreamchild?? It's AWFUL. Never least "Desire" will follow....I can't wait for a remastered "Goodbye Baby" and "Moonlight Dancing".

    Ah Toyah. I adored her as a child*, then rediscovered her when I got my first home computer/internet back in 2003. She has so many great songs, but my absolute favourite album is "Love Is The Law", hence my lovely avatar and username. I love the spacey sound of the album, especially its "hyperballads" "Martian Cowboy" and "The Vow". The re-release in 2005 was an absolute triumph in terms of the packaging, sleevenotes and extras - that's what a re-release is ALL about. I would love to see her bring out some more of these songs when she performs live instead of second rate covers...but I'm just grateful she's still doing what she's doing.

    As for her most recent album "In The Court Of The Crimson Queen", it's actually pretty good. Not earthshattering, but there are some great songs on it ("Sensational" being my particular pet).

    I have to say, I'm made up there's a Toyah thread in here *swoon*

    * I apparently told my auntie that I wanted to marry Toyah the strength of the "I Want To Be Free" video. I still have the same excellent instincts.
  6. It's all about "Street Creature" and "Brave New World". The latter's video is stunning. Also, I think I read somewhere that "Dawn Chorus" was planned as a single, but I could be making that up.
  7. Oh dear...Dreamchild...hmmmm...not good. I had a copy and gave it to charity...maybe a remaster will make it sound a tad better?? I think I could only bear to hear the first few seconds of each track I'll buy a reissue though!

    "DESIRE" is my current hearts desire! I need it so much! : ) And yes it's the album she wasn't jappy her record company made her record "Loves Unkind" and "Echo Beach" and she STILL performs that one live!!! SENSELESS!!!!

    When will it come out? Can you get a date for me???

    "Love Is The Law" is my current fave Toyah album, playing it loads. Love" Time Is Ours".

  8. Revisited "Crimson Queen" last night - it's really grown on me. "Angel In You" in so Pop! Would have made a good single. And "Bad Man" really quite stirring! ....
  9. Pye


    No my copy was vinyl, I didn't get into CD's until 1990! I can't say I miss 'Desire' I got rid of it in a major clear out when I moved house 4 years ago. Isn't it strange once you get rid of something you get the urge to listen to it years later. I did that with a Kosheen album and now for some reason I want to listen to it..... as if the album will sound any different now compared to 5 years ago.

    I like the cover of 'Dreamchild' but yet again it's an album I can live with out. It's definitely about the first 5 studio albums for me.

    I love the art work for 'Love Is The Law' but have always thought the gorgeous photo on the back of the album should have been the cover.

    What I would like to see released on DVD is all her promo video's and some of early TV performances...... For me I have always enjoyed Toyah's imagery so I often watch the various TV Clips on Youtube ..... I rarely do this for many artists!

    I am waiting for someone to put on Youtube the footage of Toyah on The British Rock and Pop Awards. I still have vivid images of how stunning she looked that night and her receiving the Best British Female Singer award..... anyone remember who the other nominees where? I can't remember.
  10. "Tears For Elie" on Take The Leap is stunning! Should have been a single....and it's only a bonus track demo!
  11. Seeing some of the recent Toyah live performance videos at holiday camps and stuff pretty much make me cry. Cry for the horrible washed up has-been she appears to be in them. The very antithesis of what the early music was all about really.

    I know you've got to pay the bills but honestly.. there just doesn't seem any credibility there anymore. And this is the person that inspired my whole life philosophy back from when I was 5.

    Anyway in my opinion Desire is a terrible album, the rot had started to set in at that point though signs of it first appeared on Minx. Prostitute and Ophelia's Shadow are a bit better but I've never found anything worth listening to on Take the Leap. The remade songs sound horrible.

    I actually quite like Dreamchild/Phoenix though. Velvet Lined Shell wasn't too bad either but since then it's been downhill again.
  12. From what I've heard of Desire it sounds great. "Sun Up", "Moonlight Dancing" ( one of my faves ) and the title track "Desire" is brilliant.

    Hope it gets re released soon.

    Just discovered some new gems "Sphynx", and "Furious Futures"...early stuff originally released on FLEXIDISC! Now on FlexiMp3...(not!)
  13. Pye


    Sphinx is a favorite of mine. It was good to see it added as a bonus on the double CD Sheep Farming In Barnet / The Blue Meaning. Sphinx was also released on the K Tel TV advertised Toyah, Toyah ,Toyah album. I think 'Furious Futures was on the 'Four More From Toyah' EP. I loved the cover of that EP, the look translated quite well when she did live performances.

    I played Toyah's early albums back to back last week and decided I liked 'Sheep Farming In Barnet', 'Minx' and 'The Changeling' the best followed by 'Love Is The Law' and then 'Anthem'. I doubt very much that I will ever Invest in her later albums. Toyah for me was a eighties phenomena and I have moved on since then... However with Hazel OConnor I kind of grew and matured with her.
  14. Aw glad my thread made you delve back into he rback catalogue - Sheep Farming is indeed a great work, I've been listening mostly to that one this week. "Love Is The Law" has crept up to be my favorite this week though....

    I managed to get hold of a couple of Live DVD's from 1981 on eBay as well - she was quite a live force back then wasn't she? And quite mental!
  15. I think we should organise a Toyah Fan convention and have the lady herself perform songs chosen by the fans! : ))

    Have just manged to get hold of a copy of "Desire" - me like. Especially a track called "The View". "Moonlight Dancing" should SO have been a single!!! But "Love's Unkind" is the worst thing she's ever recorded...bleuh! Can't wait for the remastered reissue. The cover artwork is stunning.

    And I also a copy of an unreleased album called "Madhatter" which is really interesting - sounds a bit like Bowie's "Earthling" - a year before Bowie did it!
  16. Moonlight Dancing WAS a single but sadly sank without trace. I have it on 12" - Sun Up was a b-side on it.

    I agree, Love's Unkind is possibly the worst thing she ever recorded - she hated it too apparently. I also dislike Dear Diary, it's just awful.
  17. Pye


    The Hazel O'Connor Collective charity single 'Rejoyce' is out today available to download. There is a version with just Toyah's vocals!

    The track is a great festive tune and also features Carole Decker, Pauline Black and others. This would have been a Xmas number 1 back in 1980!

    Also from Toyah's website can exclusively reveal Toyah will perform a series of special gigs, From "Sheep Farming" To "Anthem": Classics Revisited Live throughout 2011.

    Celebrating the 30th anniversary of her breakthrough hit It's A Mystery and the platinum LP Anthem, these live dates will include selections from her first three albums, "Sheep Farming In Barnet", "The Blue Meaning" , "Anthem". This period includes some of Toyah's biggest and greatest hit singles. This series of concerts will celebrate the hits but feature a a sprinkling of material not heard since some of Toyah's early tours from the late 70s and early 1980s.

    One of the first From "Sheep Farming" To "Anthem" gigs is confirmed to take place on 26 March at the HMV Institute, Birmingham and tickets are on sale now.

    There will be further details and confirmed date list announced on the Gigs page here at soon. Keep an eye on the official Toyah facebook page too for updates and to talk about the concert

    I can't wait!
  18. Pye


  19. Looking forward to the sheep farming gigs! Sure to be awesome!
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